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I.K.C. Qam-Chee - Fat Chancellor's Sleigh

by Austin Chandler, Staff Writer

30th October 2009

The I.K.C. Qam-Chee is the flagship of the "Fat Chancellor" himself. A Klingon Chancellor with High Council in his lore plus he has a matching ship? Qapla'!

The image for this card is very nicely done. When I see it, I can imagine the ship falling off into my hands. The ship says in its lore that K'mpec is the matching commander, which is even better. The rest of the lore is just chock full of Trek info for us to read.

The staffing requirements are two Command icons and one Staff icon -- not insurmountable given how many Klingons actually have a Command star. The special equipment on this ship is more impressive: Cloaking Device and Tractor Beam are standard. The standout text is "opposing cards here are attributes -1." This is a ship worthy of the leader of the Klingon Empire.

The attributes for the ship are equally impressive to field: 8 RANGE, 9 WEAPONS, and 9 SHIELDS. These great stats are made even better by Captain's Log and Defiant Dedication Plaque.

Combined with other ships in this set, I want to blow the dust off the Treaty: Federation/Klingon/Romulan and bring forth a three-way battle fleet once more.

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