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Benjamin Sisko - Traumatized by the Borg

by Austin Chandler, Staff Writer

2nd November 2009

While we wait for a new version of our beloved Benjamin Sisko from Deep Space 9, we get a brand new persona from Wolf 359.

We all know the story: Big bad Locutus came along and threatened to huff and puff and blow away all the ships unless they escorted The Borg to Earth. Starfleet refused and we wound up with one of the most interesting Captains we have ever had.

Lt. Commander Sisko brings several skills to the table. He is an OFFICER, which as executive officer is a natural fit. He has Leadership as he was able to take over after the captain and first officer died. He is an ENGINEER since we know that Sisko's talent in engineering resulted in his becoming the design lead on the Defiant class of starships. Honor comes by keeping his cool during the fighting and evacuation, and making sure the ship was properly evacuated. In addition -- and from my own personal feelings on this issue -- it was honorable for him to feel he couldn't leave his wife's body behind.

The next two abilities are probably going to make many of you drop the Deep Space 9 version and go with this version instead. First, he can download any Jake. Next, he can download Emergency Evacuation. How many of us have been hit with Abandon Ship! or a lucky tactic card that causes our ship to evacuate? How many of us wished we had seeded Emergency Evacuation? Now we can just download it.

His attributes are not bad. INTEGRITY 8, CUNNING 7, and STRENGTH 8 will get him through most any Chula filter and give him the ability to help any Away Team.

Overall, he is a great addition to any Federation deck. He has a lot of potential and I hope players will use him to his fullest.

Card Combos:

Missions Benjamin Sisko can do by himself (skill-wise):


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