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The Undiscovered Country's Big Secret

by Brad DeFruiter, Lead Designer

1st April 2008

April Fool's! We hope you enjoyed our little joke!

Want to hear about a secret? It is a secret about the upcoming The Undiscovered Country virtual expansion.

Not even most of the play testers know about this one. While we have been announcing that The Undiscovered Country would be a 45 card virtual expansion, it is actually a 90 card virtual expansion. Forty-five of those cards were tested by a secret team in isolation from the other 45 cards.

Those 45 cards have something special going for them. They are not based on Star Trek. But rather, they come from that incredible witty movie Galaxy Quest. Yes, that is right, Galaxy Quest!

Come join me as I show off some of the cards that will make up the “fun” and “undiscovered” part of The Undiscovered Country. Come on.

The crew of the N.S.E.A. Protector gather together pretty fast with You Guys Came. But let me show you something neat about these guys.

No, not the cleavage, the [AU] icon. All the Galaxy Quest personnel have the [AU] icon. Go ahead and search through your cards and find all the tricks that an affiliation of just [AU] personnel can do. It’s exciting isn’t it?

But that isn’t all. Here look at the commander:

See that? Both of them are 1EC. In fact, all the Galaxy Quest affiliation is backwards compatible. It’s an entire new affiliation for both Second Edition and for 1e.

But I know what you want to know. Do they have tricks? You bet! Just look at the N.S.E.A. Protector!

Each time one attempts a mission, he or she gets a free personnel! And that a personnel doesn’t count against the number of dilemmas drawn! Now, how would one max-out that ability? Hmmm, how about a high cost personnel that boosts attributes?

Don’t be fooled! It’s an exciting time for the game. “Never give up. Never surrender.”

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