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Fifteen Years and The Best is Yet to Come

by Charlie Plaine, Chairman

6th November 2009

Today is a very big day.

November 6th marks our official celebration of the fifteenth anniversary of the release of Star Trek: The Next Generation Customizable Card Game - the game that has evolved into two editions, is supported by a diverse community and is still played across the globe. We are honored to be part of a community that is unique and enduring, and we're already looking forward to celebrating our next anniversary together!

We're especially proud to release to you a virtual expansion unlike any other that we've released: The 15th Anniversary Collection. In order to celebrate the past, present and future of the games, this collection comes to you in four parts.

For First Edition, we are proud to present Chain of Command, the first expansion of new First Edition cards (on First Edition templates) released in three years. These exhilarating cards feature extended artwork and exciting new personnel, ships and game play. Check out the Chain of Command page to download your copy now!

The Second Edition release, Legacy, brings you fifteen (15) new cards designed by current and former STCCG designers, and offers a little something for everyone. To download these new cards, check out the Legacy page and grab the high resolution file.

Finally, we present to you Things Past, released for both First and Second Editions. This dual-version expansion reintroduces fifteen (15) popular cards to the game. Both editions offer alternate images, but as a special bonus, the First Edition versions have been converted onto First Edition templates. You can download Things Past from the Legacy and Chain of Command pages.

We hope that you will enjoy the result of the hard work of dozens of volunteers that put in long hours to bring these cards to you. Enjoy your release tournaments this weekend and next, have fun, and reminisce about the old days with good friends!

But The 15th Anniversary Collection isn't the only big thing that's been planned for today...

Have you stopped by the front page today? We're proud to debut the long overdue revision of our main website, which now features equal content for both First and Second Editions of the game. Now you'll have quick access to the card lists, rules documents, and other resources for both First Edition and Second Edition. This is just the first of a number of cosmetic upgrades you'll be seeing around here in the coming months, so stay tuned!

We know there's been some talk that we're not fully committed to supporting First Edition, and today we're proud to let you know that nothing could be further from the truth. The Continuing Committee is dedicated to supporting First Edition as much as we've supported Second Edition. Today, we're overjoyed to announce that two members of the First Edition community are joining the committee full time to shape the destiny of First Edition.

Nick Fancher (whitestar29) has accepted the position of First Edition Rules Master, and will now be the public face of the First Edition Rules Committee, just as Mr. Keller has served for Second Edition. We have plans to set up a new system for rules questions and answers, and for official rulings, for both editions.

We're also pleased to announce the appointment of Jason Robinette (JasonRed3) as the First Edition Lead Designer. He will be working closely with the rest of the design volunteers and the entire Continuing Committee to shape the path that the First Edition of the game will take.

Unfortunately, our First Edition Director, Jeremy Commandeur, has had to step down from his position in order to focus on his career and his personal life. Jeremy had this to say:


With a heavy heart I need to tell you that I am stepping down as 1E Director.

My day job (the one that pays the bills) has changed and I have a much greater level of responsibility. As such, it now requires a great deal more of my time and effort.

This has left me without the amount of time required to serve as 1E Director. I can no longer provide the amount of time the game deserves and that the community deserves.

I would like to thank all of the volunteers who stepped up and devoted time and effort to better 1E and provide the game with a brighter future. Seth Claybrook (Sethbroox), Nick Fancher (Whitestar29), Allen Gould (AllenGould), David Runyon (SuperDave) and Eugene Park (r00t61) have devoted a massive amount of hours to the game behind the scenes. Cristoffer Wiker, Jorn Engstrom, and Austin Chandler have also made major contributions to multiple projects many times. Many more volunteers have provided articles, card images, lore, transwarp decks, production work and more. My thanks goes out to all of them.

Many members of The Continuing Committee have also devoted a great deal of their time to supporting 1E. Charles Plaine, Chris Lobban, Dan Hamman, Darren Lacoste, and Johnny Holeva in particular have all devoted a great deal of their time and energy to supporting 1E. They have my sincere thanks.

Going forward, I will continue to support 1E's development at whatever level I can provide and be involved where I can.

Thanks to all of you who have supported the game and The Continuing Committee's efforts to improve it over the past year and a half.

Jeremy Commanduer"

As Jeremy said, he plans to remain involved in the future of First Edition as his personal life will allow; and, we will be proud to have his help in whatever capacity he feels he can contribute. In the meantime, all of the members of The Continuing Committee have rededicated themselves to the support of both editions of the game.

I'm sure many of you will have questions about how these changes will affect the future of First Edition. We've opened a Q & A thread on the forums, where you can ask any questions you can think of, and we'll work to get you the best answers we can.

We are all very excited to be celebrating fifteen years together, and looking forward to the future of both First and Second Editions. Thank you for being part of this amazing community and part of one of the oldest and most exciting games in existence.

Live long and prosper - and enjoy the new cards!


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