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GalaxyQuest Introduced As Newest Affiliation

by Matt Kirk, Director of Organized Play

1st April 2008

In a surprise move, Continuing Committee Chairman Charlie Plaine announced today that TCC will begin introducing cards from the GalaxyQuest multiverse into its Standard tournament format after Regionals this year.

"We're really excited," said Chairman Plaine. "To be able to delve into a whole new realm of possibilities for gameplay is compelling enough, but we've gone the extra mile this time. We've been in contact with many of the Thermian extras who have agreed to pose for head shots, so we can properly fill out the GaQu skill matrix with personnel images that are in focus."

The GalaxyQuest boutique product, "Thermian Throwdown", is slated for a June 16th release, in time for the North American Continental Championship, where it will debut in tournament play. The 90-card set includes several dilemmas, full event support, and over fifty GaQu affiliation cards, making GalaxyQuest the best-equipped affiliation in its inception.

Additionally, TCC has secured printing rights to the images, and will be distributing the card file to all FedEx/Kinko locations via e-mail. Players will then be able to purchase high-quality copies on card stock for $41.08 per 90-card set (local taxes & fees are additional).

You'd have to be a fool to pass up the opportunity to get these great cards while you can!

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