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Forging The Empire: A Starfleet Battle Deck

by Charlie Plaine, Chairman

28th December 2009

Did you get the chance to participate in Final Cut: Allegiance? If you didn't don't worry - we liked the idea so much, we'll bring it back next time. And if you did happen to catch Final Cut, maybe you'll remember "Ship Team":

Helping Hand will make a great fit in any battle deck. In particular, species that tend to use one type of ship will really love having this new event in core.

For example, did you know the Klingon Empire can stock twenty-one (21) K'vort-class ships in a single deck (if they use the [Car] Naprem for some extra help).

For a truly terrifying armada, The Romulan Star Empire can collect thirty (30) different D'Deridex-class warbirds in a single deck!

But you can find lots of different Klingon and Romulan engagement decks. Let's try something a little different, and leverage the fact there are six different NX-class ships, and put together a 22nd century Starfleet engagement deck.

Unfortunately, Starfleet doesn't have access to any affiliation-specific engagement events, so they'll have to rely on the classics: Pierce Their Defenses, Point Blank Strike, and Precise Attack. These events will give you an additional boost to your WEAPONS, and allow you to blow up enemy ships (which is what you really want to do.)

The deck uses easy, low point missions, so to get yourself some speed (and some extra points), take advantage of Call to Arms and some high-cost personnel to get 10 points per shot. Since there are so many Commanders for these ships, some copies of Mission Accomplished can give you extra points, too.

The points will come in handy if your opponent hits you with the Phoenix or Causal Recursion; if not, you can go for a two mission win, or use them to drop a ton of counters with At What Cost?

The deck itself is large - you'll want to use Starting Over to move through it (but make sure to keep some ships in hand!). Having the cards in your discard pile is no problem, because the dilemma pile relies on Back to Basics, and you'll get them all back.

If you're curious about how efficient Starfleet's WEAPONS can get, here's an example. If you have Charles Tucker III (Standing In), Phlox (Sadistic Physiologist) and Lorian aboard Enterprise (Finally Ready to Swim), you have WEAPONS of 7. Using Precise Attack, that becomes an 11. Then, you can discard as many NX-class ships from hand as you need to damage any ship in the galaxy.

Imagine the hurt you can put on someone when three NX-class ships attack in quick succession, netting you 30 points and leaving your opponent with a cloud of debris where his or her ship used to be! Give the deck and dilemma pile a try at your next tournament. Tweak it to your liking - or take the concept and try it with the Klingons, Romulans, or even the Borg! Then, head on over to the Deck Designs forum and tell us how it worked!

This deck is currently eligible for the following family or families of achievements:


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8U55•Earth, Humanity's Home
8U60•Retrieve Materiel
12U42•Secure Strategic Base
8U53•Automated Repair Station
1U177•Investigate Alien Probe

Draw Deck (75)
0VP73x At What Cost?
13U253x •Call to Arms
13U273x •Energize
20V33x Helping Hand
4U613x Mission Accomplished
1U1033x Pierce Their Defenses
1U1043x Point Blank Strike
1U1053x Precise Attack
10U343x Starting Over
17V801x •A. G. Robinson, Prototype Captain
9R142x •Charles Tucker III, Standing In
14C1082x D'Vela
10C1051x •Daniel Leonard, Cautious Admiral
8U981x •Daniels, Temporal Agent
20V381x •Elder T'Pol, Displaced Survivor
8C991x •Elizabeth Cutler, Eager Entomologist
10U1042x •Erika Hernandez, Comparable Captain
8C1021x Garrid
20V392x Greer
13C1061x •Hoshi Sato, Empress
13R1072x •Jonathan Archer, Covetous Commander
14C1091x •Kelby, Industrious Engineer
13C1083x Logan Black
20V411x •Lorian, Displaced Descendant
8R1081x •Malcolm Reed, Weapons Expert
13R1102x •Maximilian Forrest, Confident Captain
17V811x •Nathan Samuels, Earth Minister
13R1111x •Phlox, Sadistic Physiologist
13U1121x •Soval, Idealist
13R1141x •T'Pol, Not a Slave
13U1151x •Travis Mayweather, Opportunistic Sergeant
10R1203x •Columbia, The Second Warp Five Ship
8R1173x •Enterprise, Finally Ready to Swim
20V453x •Future Enterprise, Displaced Starship
13U1213x •I.S.S. Avenger, Admiral's Ship
13R1223x •I.S.S. Enterprise, Terran Flagship
17V903x NX-Prototype
Dilemma Pile (45)
4C61x Back Room Dealings
14R13x Back to Basics
14U41x Chula: The Chandra
13R41x Chula: The Dice
7R43x Entanglement
4U141x Formal Hearing
0VP93x Hard Time
15V83x The Conscience of the King
13C11x Aftereffects
10U51x Compassionate Interference
8C81x Cultural Differences
1S331x Kolaran Raiders
10C121x Necessary Execution
14U82x Neurogenic Field
2U171x Picking Up the Pieces
1C441x Planetary Survey
14R182x The Phage
1C571x Triage
15V91x We'll Never Know
4R301x Whisper in the Dark
15V12x Breaking the Ice
1S171x Command Decisions
12R41x Distress Call
3R121x Gomtuu Shock Wave
1C361x Magnetic Field Disruptions
14U92x Night Terrors
13C161x Preventative Repercussions
14R142x Spatial Distortions
1C521x Systems Diagnostic
0VP342x Tactical Disadvantage
4R281x Tsiolkovsky Infection

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