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Allegiance: A New Archer

by Johannes Klarhauser, Staff Writer

18th December 2009

As promised on Wednesday, Allegiance has one more Starfleet personnel on its noble "sacrifice yourself" team. As many of you have guessed, it's none other than Karyn Archer:

[SF] 3 • Karyn Archer (Future First Officer)
[Cmd][Pa] Alien/Human/Ikaaran
[SD] Archaeology [SD] Honor [SD] Leadership [SD] Programming [SD] Science [SD] Security
When this personnel is removed from the game, each of your [SF] personnel are attributes +2 until the end of the turn.
"These people are family. I'm not going to let you kill them."
[Integrity 6] [Cunning 6] [Strength 5]

A triple species personnel, Karyn Archer fits perfectly into the new "non-Human" theme. She qualifies for the discount granted by Nathan Samuels (Earth Minister), and of course she can be removed from the game via the game text of the Future Enterprise to trigger her own ability. And boy, what an ability that is!

When Karyn goes out of the game, she goes out with a bang! No less than a bonus to each of your [SF] personnel of +2 across the board until the end of turn. That's right, each of your [SF] personnel, not only non-Humans, not only those present, every single one you have in play. As long as you have the skills left, Karyn more than makes up for the loss in attribute total by removing herself. In a big mission team (remember the 40-points-or-more cards we discussed on Wednesday?), this can easily boost your total attributes by ten or more.

Compared to her game text, the attributes and skills are only an afterthought, but they are helpful nonetheless. A [Cmd] icon allows her to staff any [SF] ship by herself, and her skills cover many bases in today's game environment. Her cost of three is great against Full Security Alert, but her Honor and Leadership also make her a target for An Issue of Trust and Personal Duty, two very common filter dilemmas. But then again, having Karyn stopped (aboard the right ship) isn't all that bad, is it?

Before we come to a very basic deck suggestion, here are some ideas for those of you who really want to exploit Karyn Archer's gametext:

Kaiser's Krazy Kard Kombos

Karyn Archer plus Necessary Evil:
There's no guarantee that Karyn will get stopped or killed by a dilemma, so you might want to force her luck. With the amount of [AU] icon personnel the Starfleet affiliation has, it shouldn't be a problem to remove Karyn Archer from the game.

Karyn Archer plus Necessary Evil plus Karyn Archer plus Necessary Evil:
What's better than attributes +2 for all your [SF] personnel? You're right, attributes +4! After you've removed your first copy of Karyn Archer from the game with Necessary Evil, simply play another copy of her (at cost one, because Nathan Samuels is in play) and follow it up with another Necessary Evil. Now that most of your [SF] personnel should have an attribute of ten, micro-teaming missions is a viable option.

Karyn Archer plus Necessary Evil plus Karyn Archer plus Necessary Evil plus Karyn Archer plus Necessary Evil:
Ok, let's get ridiculous here. Combos involving six cards are hard to pull off, but since this is something you will only want to do late in the game, it's not entirely unlikely that you can set this one up with some deck manipulation. Assuming you already have a Karyn Archer in play at the start of the turn, you can spend eleven counters total on two copies of Karyn Archer and three copies of Necessary Evil to make your [SF] personnel attributes +6.

Now, why would you want to do that? Maybe because you like to attempt a mission with only two personnel just to see the look on your opponent's face when you pull it off successfully? Try this one:

Jonathan Archer (Headstrong Captain) plus Brennan Scott plus no cards in hand: After a triple-boost by Karyn, these two can complete Investigate Destruction by themselves. Don't forget to use Running a Tight Ship and Malcolm Reed (Weapons Expert) to really, really keep the number of dilemmas down to a minimum. (Similarly, a mission team consisting of three people – Lorian and two copies of Brennan Scott – an Engineering PADD and a Medical Kit can even complete the two 40-point missions Restore Errant Moon and Traverse Ion Storm.)

Of course, having eleven counters to pull this off requires some effort, too, so let's try to get this number down. I don't want to go down the boring old route of A Sight for Sore Eyes and At What Cost? here, so let's try something different.

First of all, we can remove the last copy of Necessary Evil in our combo and replace it with Tuvix (Symbiogenesis), who plays for zero counters, so we're down to nine counters, a much more reasonable number for a single turn. The extra two counters we need, we can easily get from Guardian's Advice.

Another, more elegant option, would be to ask everyone's favorite Ferengi for help: Using The Inner Light, we can play Quark (Simple Barkeep) at Earth. He will have lots of non-[Fer] personnel around him, so you can simply put a guy like D'Vela or Soval (Idealist) on the bottom of your deck for two additional counters. D'Vela and Soval play for free, thanks to Nathan Samuels, so this engine can actually pay for itself over the course of a game.

Okay, let's stop right there. It's easy to get lost in the process of really abusing a particular card, but usually those decks (mine, at least; I hear The Ninja Scot is brilliant at doing this) tend to only work once in a blue moon, so I leave the deckbuilding of a working Karyn-Archer-For-The-Win! deck to you.

Instead, I'll take the easy way out and leave you with a suggestion for a deck that uses Nathan Samuels and the Allegiance crew for playing discounts, as well as an [AU] side strategy for additional dilemma (busting) power. I'm sure you can work out most of the tricks by yourself. If you have questions about a particular card, please don't hesitate and ask on the boards or send me a PM.


This deck is currently eligible for the following family or families of achievements:


Print DecklistPrint ChecklistCopy DeckDownload Into DeckPADD

8U55•Earth, Humanity's Home
14U56•Ceti Alpha V, Find Lifeless World
14U61•Restore Errant Moon
8U53•Automated Repair Station
14U53•Sphere 41, Eliminate Sphere Network

Draw Deck (60)
1C651x Engineering PADD
1C682x Medical Tricorder
1C753x Astrometrics Lab
4R492x Endangered
1R902x How Would You Like a Trip to Romulus?
5P172x The Play's the Thing
14R432x •U.S.S. Enterprise-J
2C692x Unexpected Difficulties
13C411x •Watch Dog
12R372x Grav-Plating Trap
13U433x Standard Punishment
13C921x •Ezri Tigan, Soldier of Fortune
7R1091x •Tolian Soran, Renegade Scientist
13C1033x Brennan Scott
13C1041x •Charles Tucker III, Competent Engineer
14C1083x D'Vela
8U982x •Daniels, Temporal Agent
20V382x •Elder T'Pol, Displaced Survivor
20V393x Greer
13R1072x •Jonathan Archer, Covetous Commander
20V402x •Karyn Archer, Displaced Descendant
14C1091x •Kelby, Industrious Engineer
20V412x •Lorian, Displaced Descendant
13C1091x •Malcolm Reed, Enthusiastic Major
13R1101x •Maximilian Forrest, Confident Captain
17V813x •Nathan Samuels, Earth Minister
13R1111x •Phlox, Sadistic Physiologist
13U1122x •Soval, Idealist
13R1142x •T'Pol, Not a Slave
13U1151x •Travis Mayweather, Opportunistic Sergeant
20V452x •Future Enterprise, Displaced Starship
13U1211x •I.S.S. Avenger, Admiral's Ship
13R1221x •I.S.S. Enterprise, Terran Flagship
Dilemma Pile (36)
14R11x Back to Basics
1C161x Chula: Pick One to Save Two
14U41x Chula: The Chandra
19V11x Chula: The Precipice
6P21x Dignitaries and Witnesses
13C81x Distraction
17V51x Full Complement
6P51x Full Security Alert
4C151x Guess Who's Coming to Dinner?
6P62x Hard Time
17V61x He Wasn't Nice
14C101x Old Differences
18V51x Polywater Intoxication
12R151x Psychokinetic Control
2C201x Racial Tension
15V71x Show Trial
3U282x Skeleton Crew
12R172x Swashbuckler at Heart
18V61x The Captain's "Guest"
2C251x Timescape
12C71x Gangster's Welcome
17V81x Miner Revolt
14U81x Neurogenic Field
12R141x No Kill I
7C91x Outmatched
17V151x Unfair Terms
15V91x We'll Never Know
13C173x Reflections
7R153x Where No One Has Gone Before

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