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The Next Wave of Printable Proxies

by Charlie Plaine, Chairman

18th December 2009

A popular and continuing issue is that of proxies (printed versions of physical cards) and their use in sanctioned tournaments. Since our inception, the debate has raged about whether or not the game should become entirely printable. There are a lot of good reasons on both sides of the argument, but The Continuing Committee feels that the game is not yet at a place where all cards should be printable.

However, we do feel there are steps we can take to level the playing field and respect the concerns of those opposed to a printable game. Last year, we allowed all missions to become printable via the online deck builder. Our alternate image promo program will continue to add new, powerful printable cards to the game as well. But, it is time to experiment with the next step.

Effective as of Friday, January 1st, 2010, all 2E non-unique personnel and 2E non-unique ships will be allowed as printable proxies for all 2E TCC-sanctioned events.

(This is the same day that the Series I Tournament Promos and Allegiance become tournament legal as well.)

The 2E online deck builder will soon allow you to print any non-unique personnel or non-unique ship included in any deck, so you will have a ready source and easy way to print proxies. This will be automatic after the 1st, and you won't have to do anything to print your proxies.

Non-unique nouns (personnel and ships) are the next logical progression of our gradual roll-out of printable proxies. Most non-unique nouns have limited collectible value - they are usually common and have been available to collectors for quite some time.

In fact, there are only three "rare" non-unique nouns: Thon (already printable in the errata file), Founder Architect (released in Things Past), and the Vedek Assembly Transport (which was originally planned for Series IV). As you can see - the impact for collectors is minimal.

Allowing these cards to become printable proxies will enable new and returning players to build more, higher quality decks and be competitive in our tournament environments. Our game needs new players in order to grow, and our primary mission is to encourage and enable new players.

As an added benefit, allowing non-unique nouns to become printable proxies will bring great new life to the Virtual Format, enabling nearly every affiliation to be playable in the print-only environment.

Please note this change does not allow 1E universal personnel and ships to be printed, nor does it allow 1EC non-unique personnel and ships to be used either. First Edition doesn't yet have the same base of virtual cards that Second Edition has, and isn't quite ready for this at this time.

We're asking all of you out there that play with proxies and those of you that play against proxies to report your experiences and your opinions on our game play forum. Without feedback about this policy, we will have no information to gauge its success or failure, and any progress along these lines will just be a stab in the dark.

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