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Make It So: Introducing Team Romulan

by Charlie Plaine, Chairman

31st December 2009

Make It So: The Search For the Next Assistant Game Designer, will be getting started in early 2010. Contestants will have the chance to compete for an Assistant Game Designer spot for an upcoming Second Edition virtual expansion. The competition will feature challenges, themes, and contests designed to challenge preconceptions and expand the mind.

On their applications, each contestant was asked to design a card that is intended to be given away to new players at conventions and large tournaments. Instead of lore, the card will have basic information about The Continuing Committee. The card should be instantly recognizable as Star Trek. Here are the members of Team Romulan, and their entries:

Daniel Giddings (Danny) is 28 years old, and is from Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, United Kingdom. He's been playing STCCG since July 2007. He submitted the following card for the competition:

[D] 3 A Few Datas More
Randomly select a personnel to be stopped. They cannot use their skills while facing this dilemma. Unless you have that personnel’s listed skills, all your other personnel are stopped.

Joshua Sheets (prylardurden) is 29 years old and hails from Taylor Mill, Kentucky. He has played STCCG for 15 years. His card:

[Int] Warp Speed
Your opponent chooses your staffed ship and places it at your non-headquarters mission. Discard cards from the top of your deck equal to the range of that move.

Kevin Jaeger (Hoss-Drone) is 28 years old and calls Sioux Falls, South Dakota home. He's been playing STCCG since 1996, and is currently a member of The Continuing Committee. His entry for this competition:

[Evt] 2 The Continuing Committee
Download a personnel.
The Continuing Committee is the final authority on Romulus. Found at www.trekcc.org, it is also the authoritative place to go to for Star Trek CCG. You can find the most current rulebook, new virtual sets, card set lists, tournament listings, trading forums, articles, deck designs, Blogs, and a map of player locations. You can also connect with past and current champions like Kevin Jaeger, Neil Timmons and Franklin Kenter.

Nathan Miracle (GooeyChewie) is 25 years old and hails from Charlotte, North Carolina. He has played STCCG since the release of Necessary Evil in 2004. His entry:

[Fed] 2 Spock (Logical Being)
[Cmd] [TOS] [Pa] Human/Vulcan
•Astrometrics •Physics •Science
The Continuing Committee logo


Tyler Fultz (DJStormtrooper42) hails from Kaiserslautern, Germany and is 24 years old. He's been playing STCCG for 14 years! His entry:

Our Continuing Mission...
When you have faced the last dilemma in your opponent’s dilemma stack, the opponent on your right may draw 3 dilemmas and choose one to place on his or her dilemma stack. That dilemma is cost -3. If you complete this mission this attempt, score 10 points.
The Continuing Committee has carried on the Star Trek CCG since 2007. Explore the galaxy with us at www.trekcc.org!

The members of the Romulan Team will face off directly against the members of Team Klingon for the first phase of Make It So, when the contest begins early next year. In parallel, the Bajoran Team and the Cardassian Team will compete, promising plenty of excitement!

In the mean time, check back tomorrow for a special New Year's Day surprise!

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