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Make It So: The Bajorans Begin

by Charlie Plaine, Chairman

28th December 2009

Make It So: The Search For the Next Assistant Game Designer, will be getting started in early 2010. Contestants will have the chance to compete for an Assistant Game Designer spot for an upcoming Second Edition virtual expansion. The competition will feature challenges, themes, and contests designed to challenge preconceptions and expand the mind.

On their applications, each contestant was asked to design a card that is intended to be given away to new players at conventions and large tournaments. Instead of lore, the card will have basic information about The Continuing Committee. The card should be instantly recognizable as Star Trek. Meet the members of the first team, the Bajoran Team, and see their entries, below:

Bassim El-Wakil (Bass) is 29 years old and hails from Folkestone, Kent, United Kingdom. He has dabbled in Second Edition, but hasn't seriously played the game since The Trouble With Tribbles

. His entry:

[Fed] 5 James T. Kirk (Fulfilling his Destiny)
[Cmd][TOS] Human
•2 Leadership •Officer •Navigation •Programming
Commander: U.S.S. Enterprise. As long as Kirk is aboard the USS Enterprise with Spock, you can't lose the game and your opponents can't win the game.

Darren Lacoste (dlacoste) is 35 years old and enjoys life in sunny Orlando, Florida. He has been playing STCCG for ten years, and is the Editor-In-Chief for The Continuing Committee. His entry:

[Evt] X •Live Long and Prosper
To play this event you must command a Vulcan. Plays in your core. When you are about to lose command of a personnel present with your Vulcan, you may place that personnel on this card instead. At the start of each of your turns, you may place a personnel from this event at your headquarters mission where that personnel could be played.
Star Trek gaming prospers at www.trekcc.org

George Meadows (theECH) is 38 years old and lives in Richmond, Virgina. His first game of STCCG was in December 1995. His entry for this competition:

[Evt] 0 Make It So
Star Trek:
Customizable Card Game
First & Second Editions
Boldly Go to
For More Information

Keith Morris (Foreman) is 30 years old and calls Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada home. He started playing STCCG in 1994, stopped for a bit with the release of Second Edition, but returned to the game with the release of Captain's Log. His entry:

[Evt] 3 •Make It So
Plays in your core.
Order - Stop your commander aboard his or her staffed ship to download an event (limit once per turn).

Matthew Hayes (karonofborg13) is 39 years old and lives in West Fargo, North Dakota. He's been playing STCCG for 15 years, and his entry:

[Evt] 2 Space, the Final Frontier
Plays in your core. When your personnel complete a space mission, choose one: draw two cards; score 5 points; or restore the Range of one of your ships used this turn.

For phase one of Make It So, the Bajoran Team will be facing off against the Cardassian Team, who you'll meet tomorrow. Later in the week, meet the other two teams: Klingons and Romulans. All four teams will begin competition when Make It So takes off in 2010!

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