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Regional Applications Available

by Matt Kirk, Director of Organized Play

1st February 2008

Interested in running a Regional Championship Event? The following application is all you need to complete!

The Continuing Committee
2008 World Championship Series

Regional Application

Please complete as much of this application as possible and send it, via private message on the trekcc.org forum, to the appropriate Continental OP Coordinator:

Not sure what Region you're in? Check out our Region Map.

Region 1 (Australia): Send via PM to stoovie
Regions 2-5 (Europe): Send via PM to JaglomShrek
Regions 6-16 (North America): Send via PM to KillerB
Region 0 (Other): Send via PM to stoovie

Applications are due before midnight, server time, on Friday, February 15th. Late applications will not be considered.

Organizer's Information
The event organizer should be the person responsible for organizing the event (i.e. the person submitting this application). This person need not run the event, but is responsible for finding a qualified tournament director to do so.
Organizer's Name:
Organizer's Email:
Organizer's Phone:
Organizer's Address:

Tournament Director's (TD) Information
A Level 2 Judge (or one who will be qualified before the date of the event) is required to run a Regional. This section can be left blank if the TD and the Organizer are the same.
TD's Name:
TD's Message Board Handle:
TD's Email:
TD's Phone:

Venue Information
The venue is the location where you will run the event.
Venue Name:
Venue Address:
Venue Phone:
Venue Email:

Event Format
Please choose your event format for this Regional. Available formats are: 2nd Edition (Standard), 2nd Edition (Traditional), 2nd Edition (Sealed), 2nd Edition (Dangerous Missions Draft).
Format Choice:

Event Date
Please provide the preferred date and time for your event, and an alternate date and time for your event. Every effort will be made to provide you with your preferred date and time. Dates must be between 03 March 2008 and 01 June 2008.
1st Choice:
2nd Choice:

If you have any questions, please post them on our message boards!

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