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Challenge #2: Eliminations

by Charlie Plaine, Chairman

9th February 2010

No one should envy the judges and their unfortunate responsibility to eliminate two players from the game. Eliminations are difficult and unhappy, but we hope that the contestants that are eliminated have learned something, will continue to follow the contest, and return again next year for Season 2.

The Cardassian Team Ian Parmenter (Peers) and Ben Hosp (bhosp) were nominated for elimination by the Cardassian Team.

Ian offered a number of good ideas, but left many undeveloped, relying on his teammates to develop them. Those he did attach were too poorly researched and would have been unhealthy for the game.

Ben had a lot of ideas, including that of a proper cycle of missions. However, his posts were scattered and in multiple threads, often bouncing from topic to topic, demonstrating a lack of organization.

With a vote of 2-1, the judges have decided to "cut" bhosp from the competition, believing that good organization and easy-to-follow communication is essential to becoming The Next Assistant Game Designer.

From Brad: "Ben, your creativity, insight and talent are obvious. It's our hope you'll spend some time thinking about how to organize your thoughts. Please remain a part of the process and we look forward to seeing you reapply next year."

The Romulan Team Tyler Fultz (DJStormtrooper42) and Joshua Sheets (prylardurden) were nominated for elimination by the Romulan Team.

Tyler offered good ideas and was helpful to his teammates when he commented, which was not as often as others on his team.

Joshua also offered a number of good ideas, but unfortunately none of his ideas were chosen to be developed or submitted as an entry.

It is with great regret, and with a vote of 3-0, the judges have "cut" prylardurden because his ideas were generally weaker than that of his teammates.

Brad says, "Josh, you were part of an excellent team that lost a very, very close battle. We hope that you've learned something, will continue to learn, and will reapply next year."

Ben and Josh will be moved out of the team forums and into a different group, where they can still see the general goings on of the competition, but not the inner workings of their former teams.

Challenge #3, "The Key is the Word," will be posted later today.


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