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Reminder: Regional Applications Due by February 21st

by James Hoskin, Director of Organized Play

15th February 2010

The deadline for all applications for the 2010 Regional Championships Series is MIDNIGHT GMT on SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 21st. That gives you less than one week to complete an application, should you wish to do so.

As of Saturday, February 20th, we have received the following applications:

First Edition
Cupertino, California
San Diego, California
Lansing, Michigan
Fargo, North Dakota
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Kallangur, Queensland, Australia
Berlin, Germany
Glattbach, Germany
Göteborg, Sweden
(to be decided), The Netherlands

Second Edition
Birmingham, Alabama
San Diego, California
Claymont, Delaware
Orlando, Florida
Glen Ellyn, Illinois
Hiawatha, Iowa
East Lansing, Michigan
Coon Rapids, Minnesota
Rochester, Minnesota
Fargo, North Dakota
Columbus, Ohio
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Sioux Falls, South Dakota
Richmond, Virginia
Yorktown, Virginia
Seattle, Washington
Burwood, New South Wales, Australia
Klagenfurt, Austria
Wien, Austria
Winnipeg, Canada
Århus, Denmark
Grimsby, England
London, England
Bremen, Germany
Hamburg, Germany
Koblenz, Germany
Wörthsee, Germany
Torino, Italy
Östersund, Sweden
(to be decided), The Netherlands

This year, players attending a Regional Championship tournament can win from a prize pool including 0P81 No Kill I (dAgent exclusive) foils, other Decipher foils, Alternate Image Regionals 2010 virtual promos, Series III and/or Series IV virtual promos, Skill Buttons, Raffle Tickets and one or more byes into the 2010 Continental Championships.

If you would like a Regional Championship tournament in your area, now is the time to contact your local tournament organizer or judge and ask them to apply. If you don't have a local tournament organizer or judge, why not apply yourself? This year, anyone can apply to run a Regional. You can read about the 2010 Regional Championships Series and find the application form here.


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