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What's in a Regional Kit?

by Dan Hamman, Shipping Manager

2nd March 2010

The Continuing Committee Warehouse is fully operational and assembling prize kits for the 2010 First and Second Edition Regional Championships!

The highlight of each kit is an alternate-image virtual promo: 0VP60 Energize for Second Edition events and 34VP Space-Time Portal for First Edition events. The the art directors are to be commended for their excellent work! Three foil versions and five non-foil versions will be included.

In addition, each kit will contain four of the coveted skill buttons and four raffle tickets. Second Edition sets will include a full set of all nine Series IV promo cards. First Edition kits will contain a set of Virtual Promo cards number 1-6.

As a final prize set, each kit will contain three 0P81 No Kill I foils and five 0D20 Guess Who's Coming to Dinner? foils. Unfortunately, we are unable to offer First Edition-specific promo cards at this time.

All of these prizes are in addition to the byes into other events. There should be plenty to go around!


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