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Updated Current Rulings

by Charlie Plaine, Member of the Rules Committee

1st March 2010

The Second Edition Current Rulings Document (CRD) has been updated. As always, changes in today's CRD take effect immediately. The updated CRD is available for download from the right-hand side of the front page.


The definition of personnel and ship abilities has been clarified with a ruling in today's update. Effective immediately, personnel and ships may now have multiple abilities. However, as before, skills are not abilities. In order to account for this change, each of the Original Series personnel recently released in Allegiance has received an erratum to clarify this point.

Attempting Missions

A change has been made to Step 3 of the mission attempt ruling to clarify what happens when no personnel are left during a mission attempt. Specifically, 3a now states that if your personnel have been eliminated from the attempt, all remaining dilemmas are overcome.

An erratum to the Fractured Time mission Collapse Anti-Time Anomaly has been issued to make it consistent with the current mission attempting rules and procedures.


In addition to the previously-mentioned errata, two potentially abusive Federation cards have had slight errata made in order to balance their power level and curtail abuse.

U.S.S. Enterprise-E (Flagship of the Federation), from Captain's Log, now requires the player who commands the ship to return one of his or her own events to hand to return an opponent's event to hand. Previously, the player who commanded the ship could use her ability with no events in play to return opponents' events in play to the opponents' hands.

Worf (Security Detail Leader), from Second Edition Premiere, has had his ability limited to once each turn. Previously, his ability to examine the top dilemmas of an opponent's dilemma pile was unlimited.

These cards will be updated in the database (on the card lists) and added to the high resolution errata file in the near future. However, their altered game text takes effect immediately.

CRD updates are scheduled for release on the first Monday of each month. A CRD is not always released, but if the Rules Committee deems it necessary, it will be on the first Monday of the month. Changes, clarifications and errata in the CRDs take effect immediately.

You can find all of the latest rulings as they are made by examining the Rulings Feed. In addition, rulings that apply to cards are linked from the card lists.


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