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European Championship 2010 to be Held in ... Your Country?

by Thomas Schneider, European OP Coordinator

4th March 2010

Ever wanted to welcome the best European Trek players? Ever wanted to play in a championship without the requirement of traveling through half the continent? Ever wanted to show the Trek community how great your area is? Or, to make it simple: Ever thought your area is the best to hold one of the biggest Trek events in the world? Ever wanted to be the host of the European Championship?
Well, here is your opportunity: With Worlds 2010 coming to Germany, the European Championship is looking for a new home. And if you think you can offer this home, tell us why and we might visit you this Summer.

If you are interested, here is the deal: The European Championship will take place on a weekend in July or August. For both days, we need a room that can handle 30 players, preferably in a hotel that can accommodate the players. Everything should be easily reachable by car, train and airplane and located in a nice area with some shops and restaurants in walking distance. And last but not least, everything should be affordable.

Besides the location, we also need to have a team of motivated and reliable people willing to help organize the event. You will be backed by The Continuing Committee's Organized Play department, but a lot of work and responsibility (possibly including judge duties for some of the tournaments) will be on your shoulders.

Still interested? Then it is time to prepare your application. Tell us about all the points raised so far (location, accommodation, travel, organizing team, expected cost, possible dates...) as well as about everything we should know about your local player group (especially: how many local players can we expect and what edition are they playing?). And of course, you need to answer the question: Why should the European Championship 2010 be held at this specific location? Please include your e-mail address as well as your TrekCC username (and if you happen to have one, your Skype username).

Everything prepared? Great! Now send your application to EuropeanOP@trekcc.org before the 29th of March 12:00 AM CET. We will come up with a decision shortly after this deadline has passed.
Questions, comments? Contact the European OP coordinator by e-mail (EuropeanOP@trekcc.org) or PM (thsch).


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