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Test Your Knowledge and Experience, March 2010

by James Hoskin, Staff Writer

10th March 2010

How much do you know about Star Trek CCG? Test Your Knowledge and Experience (TYKE) by answering the following ten questions without looking at cards, cardlists and rulebooks. This quiz should take less than ten minutes to complete. It is intended as a bit of fun, and there are no prizes. When you are done, post your score on the All Things Trek forum so we can all see who the biggest know-it-all is.

Your score will only be preserved for as long as you keep this page open. All text and image links within this quiz will load in a separate window, so that you do not lose your progress when you click on them.

Question 1
I am an Admiral, and I command a ship. I have a beard. I gain skills and my attributes increase when I am attempting a space mission. Who am I?
Answer 1
Question 2
My opponent has one of my personnel in his Brig. He has two copies of Tribunal Sentencing in his core. One of my ships has been damaged by Molecular Reversion Field. I have no cards in my hand, deck, or in play that let me spend additional counters. How many counters can I spend on my next turn?
Answer 2
Question 3
Which of the two images below is used on the dilemma One to One?
Will vs Thomas or Thomas vs Will?
Answer 3
Question 4
Which of the following [AU] Alternate Universe [TOS] Original Series personnel is not wearing a red shirt?
  • Hikaru Sulu (Savage Security Chief)
  • Montgomery Scott (Uncivilized Engineer)
  • Pavel A. Chekov (Treacherous Underling)
Answer 4
Question 5
I have completed a planet mission and a space mission and have a score of 70 points. I have two copies of Causal Recursion in my core, and my opponent has a damaged Phoenix (Risen From the Ashes) at one of his non-Headquarters missions. I can only score points by completing my remaining two missions. How many points do I still need to win the game?
Answer 5
Question 6
Who is sitting behind Klag?
Klag (Second Officer)
Answer 6
Question 7
I command one Headquarters mission. My opponent commands three Headquarters missions. I begin a mission attempt at a mission with no dilemmas beneath it. Neither I nor my opponent use any cards to change the number of dilemmas being drawn or played. My personnel face Moment of Doubt and then Agonizing Encounter - both of which have a printed cost of 5. What is the lowest number of personnel I could have begun the attempt with?
Answer 7
Question 8
Which of these three Captains does not have a card with 2 Leadership?

[TOS] James T. Kirk
[TNG] Jean-Luc Picard
[Voy] Kathryn Janeway
Answer 8
Question 9
Which virtual card is this image taken from?
Matt Decker holds his head
Answer 9
Question 10
Order (from highest to lowest) these three ships by their printed Weapons attribute.
  • U.S.S. Enterprise-D (Federation Flagship)
  • U.S.S. Enterprise-D (Personal Flagship)
  • U.S.S. Enterprise-E (Federation Envoy)
Answer 10
Score: 0 / 0

That's it! Don't forget to post your score on the All Things Trek forum. If you think the questions were too hard or too easy, let us know for next time. If you have a question you would like to see in a future version of this quiz, please contact the author.


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