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Phase I Ends With Challenge #4 Results

by Charlie Plaine, Chairman

5th March 2010

As Phase I ends and we prepare to take this contest to the next level, again the judges must take on the unenviable job of eliminating two people that, were all things equal, would not be eliminated. It is our sincere hope that the people to whom we must say goodbye have had fun and have learned a lot, and will continue to participate in the remainder of this season (as Non-Aligned team members) and return next season.

The Cardassian Team
Ian Parmenter (Peers) and Isaiah Nordhagen (grandnagusmorn) were up for elimination from the Cardassian Team.

Both Ian and Isaiah have demonstrated a willingness to learn, true creativity and cooperation when working with a team. As a whole, the Cardassian team's major drawback was their tendency to over-complicate cards, and this has cost them a lot of talent.

With a vote of 3-0, the judges have decided to "cut" Peers from the competition, hoping that he will work on his self-confidence as he continues to develop his design skills.

From Brad: "Ian, you are quite creative and hard working, and we truly hope that you've had fun. Please continue to participate in Make It So and we look forward to seeing you re-apply next year!"

The Klingon Team
Blake Mandalis (Devoras) and Dave Kuck (ikeya) were nominated for elimination by the Klingon Team.

All three of the remaining members of the Klingon Team show nearly equal measures of drive, dedication, motivation and creativity. Losing any one of them means that this competition is saying goodbye to someone with a bright future and an incredible intellect. Unfortunately, we can't keep them all, and someone must depart.

It is with great regret, and with a vote of 2-1, the judges have "cut" ikeya simply because the quality and value of his output was just ever-so-slightly less than that of his teammates.

Brad says, "Dave, it's unfortunate that we must part ways today. You are very talented and very creative and we hope that you value the experience as much as we've enjoyed watching you work. Please, continue to participate and we look forward to seeing you again!"

Ian and Dave will be moved out of the team forums and into a different group, where they can still see the general goings on of the competition, but not the inner workings of their former teams.

Phase II of Make It So begins later today, so stay tuned!


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