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TUC Contest #1: What Might That Be?

by Charlie Plaine, Chairman

4th April 2008

It's time for the return of a grand tradition: contests celebrating the release of a new expansion. The Continuing Committee is proud to step up to the plate with our "nemesis" - Section 31 - and bring you the first in a series of contests about The Undiscovered Country.

Brad started a new tradition with the release of In a Mirror Darkly - cards with the same titles as Second Edition's expansions. This was continued in What You Leave Behind with this card, and is continued in The Undiscovered Country with a card titled What You Leave Behind.

The objective of this contest is simple: guess what image appears on the card called What You Leave Behind. To help you out, we'll give you a clue. "A Fluffier Hotshot Lily Slits" This phrase is an anagram for the lore on the card, which might help you determine what image appears.

To enter, send a description of what you think the image is to contests@trekcc.org before MIDNIGHT GMT-5 on WEDNESDAY, APRIL 16TH. Do not include images, links to images, or anything but your real name, your email address, and your guess.

The first person to correctly guess the image on the card will receive a Tragic Turn foil. If no one correctly guesses the image, then the foil will go to a random participant. Designers, developers, testers, and anyone else with foreknowledge of the contents of The Undiscovered Country are not eligible.

Good luck, and look for more contests like this in the near future!

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