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Challenge #5: The Expansion Blues

by Charlie Plaine, Chairman

12th March 2010

Phase I is history, and the two new teams are facing a project of enormous magnitude - the creation of their own, forty-five (45) card virtual expansions. They'll be building them piece by piece, starting today with Challenge #5, "The Expansion Blues."

Entries for this challenge are due before 8 AM Eastern Time on Thursday, March 18th, 2010. Eastern Time is GMT - 5:00. This gives teams just less than a week to work on their entries.

Create your vision of the Xindi without creating a new affiliation. You must create at least one (1) equipment/event/interrupt, one (1) personnel and one (1) ship and must create a total of exactly nine (9) cards.

Episode VIII of the Make It So Podcast is also available for all to download, and includes discussions about how the contest has changed, and expectations for the Xindi.

Good luck to all the contestants! Those of you on the sidelines or out in the public, tell us what you think of this challenge! What do you want to see in the Xindi? Sound off, make your opinions known!

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