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No Tribble At All

by Dan Hamman, Tribble Breeder

1st April 2010

"...Before they went into warp, I transported the whole kit 'n' caboodle into their engine room, where they'll be no tribble at all."
- Mr. Scott

Last April 1st marked an historic event in the oft-neglected Tribbles card game. Today, one year later, The Continuing Committee is pleased to continue the tradition and announce No Tribble At All, an eighteen-card expansion for the Tribbles CCG.

Many of the images for this set are taken from iconic Trek cards, altered with an infestation of tribbles. The art department has gone above and beyond on this one!

No Tribble At All adds nine new Tribble Powers to the game. Evolve and Process allow you to manipulate your hand, giving you a better shot at the tribble you need. Maybe that last Bonus tribble for a quick 100,000 points? Rescue players will like the side effect of loading up the discard pile from Evolve, and Battle can help dump cards even if you lose the fight. If you've ever pitched a big hand full of cards at the end of a round, you'll like Safety. Oh, and then there's Freeze, which will put the breaks on any single-card deck strategy.

Older cards make a return in two ways. First, you'll find a reprint of 10,000 Go - a rare from the original The Trouble With Tribbles set that can slip into any deck. 10,000 Go has the Tribbles-specific text on this version. There are also three combo tribbles: two tribble powers from previous sets combined into one card. Do you like the fun of Reverse and Skip, but feel like you need to get something else from playing them? How about the Clone or Recycle powers? That should be enough incentive to add a bit or randomness to any round! Just watch out- naming either of the tribble powers with Freeze will stop the combo card from being playable!

The biggest change to the game last year after More Tribbles, More Troubles was the addition of Antidote. Antidote added a huge potential risk to the powerhouse Poison decks of the day. In No Tribble At All, Toxin adds a potential cost to Discard, one of the most popular tribble powers in the current Tribble meta.

What's that you say? Tribbles meta? Of course! Did you know you can post Tribbles Tournaments and results? Filter for Tribbles, and you'll find that the site tracks the total number of tribbles each player has bred throughout his or her tournament career. Tribbles tournaments are a great way of blowing off steam after a Fierce. First or Second Edition tournament.

With this release, there are enough virtual tribbles in the pool to make a completely printable Tribbles Deck. Presented below is a sample deck that uses many different cards from both virtual expansions. If you only plan to compete against other players with virtual cards (no Discard or Poison), change out the Toxin and Antidote for other tribbles of the same denomination. Once you've played a few games, feel free to change the ratios and mix and match your favorite tribble powers!

Here is the download link for No Tribble At All, and don't forget last year's More Tribbles, More Troubles. You can find the full Tribble Rule Sheet online as well.

Happy breeding, and we'll see you at the Tribble World Championships!

All-Virtual Tribble Deck
1 Tribble Cards (10)
2 Replay
2 Clone & Reverse
2 Evolve
2 Process
1 Cycle
1 Exchange

10 Tribble Cards (11)
2 Copy
2 Draw
2 Battle
1 Cycle
2 Toxin
2 Evolve

100 Tribble Cards (10)
2 Battle
2 Clone & Skip
2 Recycle & Reverse
2 Draw
2 Copy

1,000 Tribble Cards (7)
2 Process
2 Safety
1 Freeze
1 Score
1 Exchange

10,000 Tribble Cards (6)
1 Antidote
1 Kill
1 Toxin
2 Go
1 Quadruple

100,000 Tribble Cards (5)
2 Replay
1 Antidote
1 Tally
1 Safety

[Please note - as with last year's More Tribbles, More Troubles - these cards are not to be used in First Edition games. No padding your Storage Compartment with these tribbles!]


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