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Second Edition April CRD Released Early

by Charlie Plaine, Chairman

30th March 2010

On Monday, March 29, 2010, the Rules Committee issued a new Current Rulings Document (CRD) - one week ahead of schedule. As always, this CRD takes effect immediately. The April CRD was released early to ensure that it would be in place prior to all of the Regional events.

The CRD is available from the link on the front page.

This CRD includes a number of errata, including Benjamin Sisko (Outlaw), Benjamin Sisko (Vastly Outnumbered) and James T. Kirk (Experienced Commander). These cards have been changed so that they work as intended.

Additionally, the U.S.S. Enterprise (Where She Belongs) erratum was inadvertently left out of the March 2010 CRD, and has been added to this update.

Finally, Mot (The Barber) has been changed so that the card can no longer be abused in certain decks that avoid dilemmas.

The Second Edition Rules Committee is scheduled to release an update to the CRD on the first Monday of each month. As mentioned earlier, this CRD was released early to ensure it was in place for Regional season.


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