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The Road to Worlds, Week 1

by James Hoskin, Director of Organized Play

1st April 2010

On Saturday, April 3rd, the road to the 2010 World Championships will begin. Over the next 13 weeks, hundreds of players will be participating in 49 Regional Championship tournaments all around the world. This article is the first in a new weekly series that aims to preview upcoming Regional tournaments, review Regional tournaments that have just taken place, highlight winning decks, interview players, and more.

If you are a judge or a player at a Regional tournament, you can help contribute to this series by ensuring that results and deck lists are promptly entered into this site. If you take photos, why not upload them to the Photo Gallery, and let me know (contact details are at the end of this article) so that they can be shared with everyone else?

Week 1 Preview

The complete schedule can be found in this article: Regional Championships Series 2010 Schedule. This week, it eases us in with just one Regional tournament:

Saturday 3rd AprilSunday 4th April
2E (Standard)
930 Trowbridge Rd
East Lansing, MI 48823
United States
[Discuss] [Pre-register]
No Regional tournaments

Last year's corresponding Qo'noS Regional was attended by five players. Nick Fancher (whitestar29) played a [Maq] Maquis deck, and was undefeated after four rounds to win the tournament for the second successive year. The 2009 results also indicate that two players played [DS9] Deep Space 9 decks, while the records do not show what the remaining two players played with. How has the meta changed in the past year? Will Nick be able to win this Regional for a third year in a row, or will someone take his crown? Only time will tell...


The list of current bye winners for the Continental Championships and the World Championships can be found here. This year, Regional tournaments award one Day One Round One Continental Championships bye for every ten players in attendance. Should the recipient of a bye already have one, it will trickle down to the next eligible player.

Other News

The Continuing Committee's Shipping Manager, Dan Hamman, informs me that he has now shipped all Regional prize kits. These kits, provided free of charge, should be delivered over the next few weeks. A list of their contents can be found in this article: What's in a Regional Kit? I'm sure you will all join me in thanking Dan for his hard work in preparing these kits.

Next Week

A review of the results from week one, and a preview of week two's events. Things heat up on "Super Sunday," April 11th, when five Regional tournaments take place on the same day.

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