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World Championship 2010

by Thomas Schneider, European OP Coordinator

1st April 2010

Six months from now the best Trek players in the world will gather in Frankfurt to figure out who is the best among them. And at the end of the weekend we will have crowned not one but four new World Champions!

Friday will start with the 2010 WCT Champion's League, where the league champions from all over the world play for a Day 1 Round 2 bye into the Second Edition World Championship. Later that day it is time to dust off your First Edition cards as the First Edition World Championship is about to start. Do you bring the skills (and attributes) to follow David Bowling, Michael van Breemen and Franklin Kentner?

For those of you that are more into a good beer than into a good game of first edition, the WBA will host the 2nd World Biermeister Championship on Friday evening. Can you outdrink the Germans, the British and the Irish and become the next World Biermeister? Whatever your final score in the tournament will be, for sure you will have a great evening of drinking, playing trek and meeting friends. What could you expect more?

Well, maybe the Second Edition World Championship? Starting Saturday morning, we will see players from Europe, the USA and Australia matching skills. First an eight round tournament will narrow down the field to the Top 16 who will then on Sunday play for the biggest prize Trek has to over. Who will follow Caleb Grace, Kevin Jaeger and Neil Timmons? Can the Europeans use their home field advantage or can the Americans take the title back home with them? Or will the Australians surprise everybody?

But the weekend is not over yet. Monday will see the team tournament. And this year it will be Multiplayer! Everybody that has been at the Grand Prix in Germany already knows how challenging and how funny it is to team up with a friend and face not only one, but two opponents in 90 minute rounds. For those that have not: Imagine facing Klingon kill and Cardassian capture at the same time...

But the final highlight is yet to come: Monday Evening. Prove your breeding skills. Become the Tribbles World Champion! Puurrrrr...

Of course, beside all this, there will be a full schedule of First and Second Edition side events. Prepare for all the variety of First Edition formats. For Draft tournaments. For Standard Orbits. For Releases. And for much more. Whatever Edition you are playing, there will be a tournament for you at every time.

So what are you waiting for? You know the date (1st till 4th of October). You know the location (Frankfurt am Main, Germany). You know the hotel (well you did not know it up to now, but now you know it: carathotel Frankfurt Airport ). So go ahead and book your trip. We are looking forward to welcome you in Germany.

Side note for those of you that want to spend some extra time in Frankfurt: On the 6th of October the Frankfurt Book Fair will start. And while this might be some interesting way to spend a day or two for some of you, it also means that the hotel prices will explode. So keep that in mind while booking your flights.

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