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Continuing Committee Recruiting Artists

by Charlie Plaine, Chairman

12th April 2010

As The Continuing Committee has taken on more and more responsibilities, we've found ourselves with a lot of projects on our plate, and the time and energy of our volunteers stretched a bit thin. We know that there are a lot of talented people out in our community, and we're looking for a few of those talented graphic designers to join our Art Team.

We're in need of some skilled graphic designers that have the time and the resources to assist our Art Team on some critical projects. This is an unpaid, volunteer position that will typically require between two (2) and three (3) hours a week, with occasional busy weeks of up to five (5) hours.

Applicants should meet the following criteria:

Those of you that are interested in applying to join our Art Team should download our Application Work File. This file contains the components that you'll need to complete our two Application Assignments:

Assignment #1: Create an alternate image (AI) version of the First Edition card Benjamin Sisko (Deep Space 9). You are responsible for finding and manipulating the image and properly creating the final card jpeg using the provided materials.

Assignment #2: Create an image for a First Edition version of the mission Athos IV. You are not creating game text, just the image for that mission that fits on the extended-art First Edition mission template.

Please submit, via email, some information about yourself, the InDesign file from Assignment #1, as well as the jpgs from the two assignments to cplaine AT gmail DOT com on or before Monday, April 26th, 2010. If you are interested in applying but know that you cannot make the deadline, please contact us as well. Applications will be reviewed as they arrive.

If you have questions about this assignment, please post them on the Recruitment thread on our FYI forum. Otherwise, good luck and we look forward to seeing your work!


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