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Make it So Returns With Challenge #8

by Charlie Plaine, Chairman

27th April 2010

Phase II of Make it So is halfway done, and after a brief respite, the contestants must regroup and prepare to tackle just two more challenges before they present their final expansions for review. But first, the unhappy task of eliminations needs to be completed, and again we must say goodbye to a contestant that the judges wish they could keep in the competition.

The Federation Team
Isaiah Nordhagen (grandnagusmorn) and George Meadows III (theECH) were up for elimination from the Federation Team.

Isaiah has demonstrated creativity and intelligence in all of his work with his teams. He's been willing to criticize and receive criticism equally well, but hasn't participated as much as his teammates, and his knowledge of the meta-game isn't a strong as his teammates'.

George has created some unique and very original cards, and often presents them in a much more developed form than his teammates' ideas. However, this doesn't leave a lot of room for development, and a number of real-life factors have limited George's ability to participate.

As much as the judges would like both players to remain in the game, one must go; the judges have decided, with a vote of 3-1, to "cut" George "theECH" Meadows III, knowing that he's skilled but that he has a lot on his plate right now.

From Brad: "George, you've created some excellent cards and it's clear that you've learned a lot. Good luck in all that you're doing, keep making cards, and we look forward to having you back next year."

George will be moved out of his team forum and into a different group, where he can still see the general goings on of the competition, but not the inner workings of their former teams.

Nine players remain, and they must wipe the bitter taste of the last challenge from their palates and prepare to tackle one of the most difficult tasks of any game designer: balancing the meta-game. Challenge #8, "There's Something About Meta," is all about determining the state of the game and taking steps to move it in different directions:

Create nine (9) cards that are designed to adjust the current meta-game, such that at least one (1) of your cards hurts a existing strong deck, and at least one (1) of your cards boosts an existing weak deck.

My co-host of the Make it So podcast and the 2009 2E World Champion, Neil Timmons, will step up to the judge's podium for this challenge and serve as this challenge's guest judge. Like we've said before, research will be vitally important to this challenge!

Teams have until Wednesday, May 5th, 2010 at 8 AM EDT (GMT-4) to submit their entries. Judging will be opened shortly after the submissions are received and posted.

Episode XIV of the Make it So podcast will be available later today, featuring more discussion on the challenge and a definition of the meta-game, so stay tuned for that!

Stay tuned to the Official MiS Forum for all the latest news and happenings on Make it So!

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