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Challenge #8 Results; Challenge #9 Begins

by Charlie Plaine, Chairman

13th May 2010

Each and every one of the contestants that are in Make it So have varied skills and strengths, and any one of them could go on to win the entire competition. Unfortunately, we must still say goodbye to one contestant, but that unhappy job rests squarely on the shoulders of the judges. In the face of so many skilled and creative people, the intangible qualities must been examined to find someone to send home.

The Federation Team
Conno Hendriksen (WeyounsLastClone) and Isaiah Nordhagen (grandnagusmorn) were nominated for elimination from the Federation Team.

However, the judges felt that Conno's performance during Challenge #8 was on par with that of Keith Morris' (Foreman), and have refused to accept his nomination. That means that Darren Lacoste (dlacoste) must be nominated instead, as Foreman is the Best of the Worst and is safe from elimination.

Darren has consistently demonstrated his creativity and his organizational skills during the previous challenges. The judges feel he can be too critical too early in the process, objecting to minor proofreading issues on cards that are still being formulated; also, he has been guilty of being too attached to his ideas when they have already been rejected by his team.

Isaiah is a creative, passionate and intelligent contestant that has provided many of his teams most well-received cards. Unfortunately, due to obligations and issues in his life outside of the game, his output, participation and the quality of his performance in recent challenges has suffered.

In a perfect world, neither of these contestants would be sent home, but Make it So is a competition and we must say goodbye to one of our contestants. Therefore, with a vote of 4-0, the judges have "cut" Isaiah "grandnagusmorn" Nordhagen from the competition.

From Brad: "Isaiah, it's been a privlidge to see you work and grow as a designer. Best of luck getting your non-Trek life under control, and we look forward to seeing you back in the future!"

Isaiah will be moved out of his team forum and into a different group, where he can still see the general goings on of the competition, but not the inner workings of their former teams.

And now just eight men remain, and there is just one challenge left between those contestants and their final presentation of Project Xavier, their forty-five card expansions. So far, the teams have worked with rules, art, and the meta game, and now it's time for them to work with the play testers!

Challenge #9, "Read Between the Lines," asks the teams to adapt nine (9) previously created cards into new versions, based on the feedback they have received. In addition to the comments from the judges and the public, these cards have been play tested in multiple sessions, and the teams must turn them around quickly and present updated versions. Sirs Dan and Rogue, hosts of the Section 31 podcast, have joined the competition as guest judges for this challenge.

Teams have until Monday, May 17th, 2010 at 5 PM EDT (GMT-4) to submit their entries. Judging will be opened shortly after the submissions are received and posted.

Episode XVI of the Make it So podcast will be available later today, where Dan and Rogue join the show to talk about play testing, both in general and as it applies to this challenge.

Stay tuned to the Official Forum for all the latest news and happenings on Make it So!

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