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2011 Australian Continentals Dream Team

by Matthyas Kiraly, AC Dream Team Coordinator

3rd June 2011

You've read James Hoskin's The Road to Worlds 2011 articles covering the performances of some of Australia's best players at our record number of Regionals this year. You've perused Craig Giblett's low-down on some of the major players at this year's Australian Continental Championships. Maybe you just wouldn't mind having a crack at some of the always-awesome Australian Continentals prize pool.

If this is you, then get an entry into the 2011 AC Dream Team competition right away!

This is your chance to choose your dream team of players and put yourself in the running for not only bragging rights, but a cool prize to boot.


How to Play
1. You pick a team of up to five players with a total value of 100 or less. You may also select up to one player not listed.
2. Post your team in the official thread.

Playing is really simple, and the game is open to everyone. You don't need to be an expert on Australian players, but a little research does go a long way.

You may make changes to your team (please use the forum's function at the top-right corner of your entry) up until the closing date.

Like last year, a player's Dream Team (DT) points per tournament will be a cumulative total of each player's average performance (victory points divided by the number of rounds) at each tournament he or she participates in over the weekend. That means players participating in more tournaments over the five days will score more DT points overall than those only participating in a few tournaments.

Closing Date
Please have your entries posted by 11:59pm (in your timezone) on Tuesday the 28th of June 2011. No new entries or edits to existing entries will be allowed after 5pm (AEST (Sydney time), GMT+10) on Wednesday the 29th of June 2011, at which time all entries will be considered "locked". Any new entries or edits made after the closing date will not be eligible to participate.

Player Values
The following table represents the values calcultated for the projected top DT players at this year's AC.

Can't be bothered doing any research? Not to worry! I have included each listed player's 2010 score, which formed part of the calculation of each player's values for this year. I also have included info on each player's movement in value over their 2010 value.

Note that unlisted players have a value of 5.

PLAYER 2011 VALUE (change in value from 2010) 2010 SCORE
Robert Dawson 40 (+5) 146
Daniel Hyde 40 (-15) 103
Lee Clarke 35 (-40) 52
Chris Clarke 35 (-30) 60
Matthyas Kiraly 25 (-10) 92
Mike Nugent 25 (+5) 110
Shane Brierley 25 (-10) 104
Clayton Walton 25 (-5) 78
Kieren Otton 20 (+5) 89
Peter Hill 20 (-5) 94
Daniel Waller 20 (-5) 68
Kenny Nguyen 20 (+5) 104
Matthew Townsend 15 (-15) 97
Luke Roberts 15 (-5) 10
Mike Garvey 15 -
Craig Giblett 10 (+5) 90
Nona Ruddell 10 (-5) -
Colin Lowther 10 (-5) -
Michael Lou 10 (-10) 40
Neil Moreton 10 (-10) -
Stephen Hartmann 10 37
Dennis Lee 10 (-10) -
Ben Wynn 5 (-10) -
Matthew Newland 5 -
Nathan Canty-Seghers 5 22
John Mandarano 5 12

1. "" and GREEN text indicates rise in value, "" and RED text indicates fall in value; "", indicates value remained steady.
2. A variation in the system used for calculating player values in 2010 led to minor inconsistency in 2010 values. These will average out over time through value normalisation. This did not affect DT scoring calculations.


Post your questions, comments or your Dream Team in the Australian Continentals Dream Team competition thread!


Entries for the 2011 Australian Continentals Dream Team competition close prior to the commencement of the first event at 5:00pm (AEST (Sydney time), GMT+10) on Wednesday the 29th of June 2011. Dream Team scores will be calculated and released progressively as part of Stoovie's five-part AC Report to be posted in the Continental Championships forum, with a final ranking of all entered teams to be posted shortly after the final report is posted. Winners will be notified by PM via the account used for their Dream Team entry.

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