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Challenge #9 Results

by Charlie Plaine, Chairman

26th May 2010

Each and every one of the contestants that are in Make it So have varied skills and strengths, and any one of them could go on to win the entire competition. Unfortunately, we must still say goodbye to one contestant, but that unhappy job rests squarely on the shoulders of the judges. In the face of so many skilled and creative people, the intangible qualities must been examined to find someone to send home.

The Borg Team
Torbjorn Lindquist (Linkan) and Blake Mandalis (Devoras) were nominated for elimination from the Borg Team.

Torbjorn has demonstrated considerable leadership, organization, and creativity during his time in the Make it So challenge. All of the judges wish to congratulate him on the recent birth of his first child!

Blake is one of the most prolific designers in recent history, and he has demonstrated insight into the game, creativity and a willingness to walk away from an idea when necessary.

Ideally, we would keep both contestants in play until the bitter end. But this is a competition and regretfully someone must go home. Therefore, with a vote of 3-1, the judges have "cut" Blake "Devoras" Mandalis from the competition.

From Brad: "Blake, you have demonstrated a passion and a hunger for card design and it's been a privileged to see you grow during this competition. We can't wait to see more of you in the future."

Blake will be moved out of his team forum and into a different group, where he can still see the general goings on of the competition, but not the inner workings of their former teams.

Stay tuned to the Official Forum for all the latest news and happenings on Make it So!

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