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Sela and Romulan 'Reunification'

by Austin Chandler, Staff Writer

1st June 2010

Some things in this world just seem to go together. Peanut butter and jelly. Cookies and milk. Sela and her obsession with the Federation.

As evil plans go, it wasn't a bad one. Sela used stolen decommissioned Vulcan ships to try to sneak Romulan troops onto Vulcan to take it over. The loss of Vulcan would demoralize the Federation, and Sela would be a hero of the Empire. Luckily for the Federation, the crew of the Enterprise, with help from Spock, stopped the dastardly plan. With the new Sela and Romulan “Reunification,” you can make Vulcan yours -- for the glory of the Romulan Star Empire, of course.

Let's look at Sela. She has the fabled Tal Shiar, allowing her to play for free to Continuing Committee. Sela can also report for free by using the text on the Office of the Proconsul. Youth, Treachery, and Diplomacy are all essential skills that every ambitious Romulan needs, especially if she plans espionage against the Federation. The key new "skill" on this version of Sela is her download of Romulan “Reunification”.

Romulan “Reunification” is an event which may not look like much at first glance. I feel that this card fits perfectly into the sneaky, conniving capture and espionage decks the Romulans utilize so well. The first part of the card states, “Plays to report a Romulan Security personnel to Vulcan if you have an unopposed Romulan ship in orbit.” Okay – so use a card play to play a card? Yes, you can do that, or you can be a sneaky Romulan and get the event to play for free (using Parallax Arguers, for example). Since many Romulans have Security, it won't be hard to have one in your hand when needed. The extra Security can be useful both for Captured and to help fulfill the requirements of Post Garrison.

The second part of Romulan “Reunification” says, “Plays on Vulcan; worth points if your opponent has fewer personnel here than you have Romulan personnel.” As simple as that, you can gain an extra 10 points. In a game where missions are easier at 30 points, an extra 10 to reach 100 points for the win can make all the difference.

In a game where a single card play or a single scoring of bonus points can mean victory or defeat, these two cards can help make it easier for a Romulan deck to claim victory.


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