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Second Edition Current Rulings Updated

by Charlie Plaine, Chairman

7th June 2010

On Monday, June 7, 2010, the Second Edition Rules Committee issued a new Current Rulings Document (CRD). As always, this CRD takes effect immediately. Updates to the CRD are made on the first Monday of each month, if necessary.

The CRD is available from the link on the front page (right hand side, about halfway down the page).

Primarily, this update adds an additional response step (5b) to the timing of attempting missions (see Attempting Missions.) This allows cards such as Founder Trap and Secret Conspiracy to work as intended (so that they properly alter the mission requirements).

In addition, Telle (Macet's Aide) has been clarified so that he works properly given the updating mission attempting rules. All three of these cards will be updated graphically as soon as possible, and will then become printable and included in the errata file.

Finally, a new entry (see Selected) has been added that eliminates any distinction between the word "select" and the word "choose."

The Second Edition Rules Committee is scheduled to release an update to the CRD on the first Monday of each month. The erratum and rulings included in this update to the CRD take effect immediately.


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