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Make it So Needs Your Votes!

by Charlie Plaine, Chairman

10th June 2010

Make it So: The Search for the Next Assistant Game Designer is drawing near the end of Phase II, the culmination of months of effort on the part of the Borg Team and the Federation Team. Now, we invite all of the members of the audience to participate in choosing the ultimate winners of Phase II by judging their forty-five (45) card expansions, in full.

The Borg Team brings you Far Beyond the Stars. Here's what they provided as a teaser for their expansion:

Celebrate the most dramatic locations in the Star Trek Universe with Far Beyond the Stars, the first 45-card expansion from the Borg Team! Experience the diverse and compelling locations in the Star Trek universe by placing characters in the places that matter most. Will you square off with your opponent across the Neutral Zone? Explore the Delphic Expanse? Fight for your freedom in the Demilitarized Zone? Whichever you choose, Far Beyond the Stars will bring your play experience to new heights!

Meanwhile, the Federation Team created Home, and gave us this teaser for their expansion:

Earth. Xindus. Romulus. Every species in the universe came from a place they call home. For most, this sacred spot is still a thriving, vibrant community. For an unlucky few, it is but a distant memory...

Come explore the set of cards created by Make It So's The Federation Team as they present Home, a forty-five (45) card expansion that's sure to shake-up existing strategies and dominant deck types. Inside, you'll find cards that celebrate the unity of species, as well as those that make it riskier to leave your personnel at home. In addition, the Xindi make their long-awaited introduction in Second Edition!

Now that both expansions are available for review, we invite each and every one of you to review their work and cast your votes. We're asking you to rate the expansions on several different factors, including creativity, balance, and content. Your votes will be a key factor in deciding which team's expansion wins, and who moves on to Phase III to earn a chance to join Brad on the design team for a future expansion.

You can cast your votes by taking the survey that appears below this article. To make sure you have enough time to review the cards and cast informed votes, the voting will remain open until Monday, June 21st, 2010 at 8 AM Eastern Daylight Time (GMT - 4). You can change your votes up until that time, should you find your mind changed.

As a special incentive to participate in this challenge, you'll have the chance to win prizes just by voting. We'll randomly select nine (9) members of the community that vote in this challenge to win one of the promos from the upcoming Series V! These promos won't start shipping out in tournament kits until after July 1st, so you'll have a chance to win one early!

In addition, we'll randomly select a member of the community that votes in this challenge to win a full set of Series V promos - but only someone that's voted in the previous challenges! This is both a thank you and a reward for following Make it So and taking time out of your life to participate.

So - review the cards, cast your votes, and maybe win some promo cards before anyone else in the world can get them! All you have to do is participate in the voting for Make it So and have a say in who gets to be the Next Assistant Game Designer!

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