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Falow, the Chula Champion

by Austin Chandler, Staff Writer

12th June 2010

It seems the Dominion keeps getting interesting things in this set. It might seem hard to put Falow in a Dominion deck, or other decks for that matter, but he is worth it.

Falow may not appear to be one of these interesting things, but he is perfectly suited to the Dominion since he is Non-Aligned and native to the Gamma Quadrant. Other affiliations can use him, but it is trickier for them to get him into play (only the Dominion have Gamma Quadrant outposts). Players who don't play Dominion can use his skill set and special ability; all you need is a seeded Temporal Micro-Wormhole. But what's so great about him?

Falow is a stunning 8 Integrity and 8 Cunning, with an average 6 Strength. Dominion and other affiliations could definitely use the Integrity. His skill set is pretty good: Greed x2, Computer Skill, and Honor are pretty useful for some mission solving and getting past dilemma requirements. Greed and Honor are noticeably absent in many Dominion decks, so those players will find this card very welcome indeed.

What makes Falow special is his special ability to nullify one of the many Chula dilemmas once per game. If you know that your personnel wouldn't get past a particular Chula dilemma, then you can nullify the card and move on whistling "Victory is Life."

Falow really does help open up more strategies for Dominion decks. While Jem'Hadar could be sent off to die assaulting your opponent, you can hold back those trusty Founders and Vorta to solve missions - and Falow gives another great skill set plus the ability to nullify one dilemma that really does hurt Dominion decks: Chula: The Chandra.

This new personnel joins the sparse ranks of those cards that can outright nullify a specific dilemma. His skill set makes it very attractive to seed a Temporal Micro-Wormhole to use when you draw him into hand. I'm going to team this game-minded bad boy up with some Dosi merchants and see if I can make my Dominion run their economy in a Ferengi kind of way.

Print, cut, sleeve, and enjoy!


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