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The Road to Worlds, Week 12

by James Hoskin, Director of Organized Play

17th June 2010

Regular readers should know that this is a weekly series that aims to preview upcoming Regional tournaments, review Regional tournaments that have just taken place, highlight winning decks, interview players, and more. Last week's article was The Road to Worlds, Week 11.

How can you contribute to this series? First and foremost, I am relying on results and deck lists being promptly entered into this site. I can't write about them otherwise. Other ways you can help include: taking photos, interviewing players, writing previews, and providing background information. Any other way to help the community be a part of your Regional tournament would be appreciated, too. Contact details are at the end of this article.

Week 11 Review

Saturday 12th JuneSunday 13th June
Second Edition (Standard)
Jens Baggesens Vej 47
8200 Århus N
Second Edition (Standard)
Between Books
2703 Philadelphia Pike
Claymont, DE 19703
United States
Second Edition (Draft)
The River Bar
206-208 Tower Bridge Road
London, SE1 2UP
United Kingdom

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Loyalitetsbueauet: The first Continuing Committee-sanctioned Regional tournament in Denmark drew a crowd of nine players. Morten Sandberg (LessQQ), playing an [Voy] Equinox deck titled "DJ Caretaker featuring 40 point missions: Destination Earth", managed to win four of his five games to win the tournament. Loke Andersen (Gronx), playing a [Rom] Romulan deck titled "It's a trap!", also managed four wins, but a modified win in the third round resulted in a second place finish. This is quite an achievement considering that Loke, who has written a quick tournament report, had only been taught how to play two days before the tournament. Congratulations Loke! Third place was taken by Peter Møller (Peukon), playing a [Dom] Dominion deck titled "Obedience Brings Victory"; and fourth place went to Soren Ramme Nielsen (s_ramme), playing a [Bor] deck titled "Same old Borg." Other affiliations played on the day included [Baj] Bajoran, [Car] Cardassian, [Kli] Klingon, as well as a second [Bor] Borg deck, and a second [Voy] Voyager/Equinox deck.

Between Books: Six players fought it out over four rounds in what must have been one of the toughest Regional tournaments this year. No player managed to win every game, but two players did win three games apiece. This meant that the title of Romulus Regional Champion went to the victor of the third round game between Neil Timmons (ntimmons), playing a [Rom] Romulan deck titled "Romulan FSE", and Len Neidorf (Dirty Nel), playing [Baj] Bajoran. In that game, Len only managed to complete one mission before Neil completed the skill-lockout, and took the win. Other decks played include [Kli] Klingon, [SF] Starfleet, [Fer] Ferengi and [Car] [Kli] Cardassian / Klingon. After the carnage settled, Neil took the time to answer a few questions:

Editor's Note: The following interview questions and answers are presented as typed by the parties involved:

Q: Why did you play Romulan?
A: I decided to play [Rom] Romulan because no one would see it coming, and I like to be unpredictable. The last time I showed up with my standard staple old [Car] Cardassians, people saw it coming and I lost games because of it. I wanted the element of surprise. I found it very scary playing a tournament like this. It is very far away from my play style and even if I feel comfortable playing with cards like these, it was scary trying to come up with a radical strategy and actually use it effectively. I was scared at what I was doing the whole day.

Q: How does your deck work?
A: The idea is to use Far-Seeing Eyes to remove a specific skill from the opponent's deck, then make them face a dilemma that requires that skill and returns to my dilemma pile. I had three different dilemmas that met the requirements: Dangerous Liaisons, Dignitaries and Witnesses, and Telepathic Deception. All of these have one very difficult requirement and one easier requirement. The goal was to look through the deck, find which difficult requirement was already impossible, then attack the easier requirement to make the dilemma totally impassable, then make them face it every time their personnel attempted a mission. Oh yeah, then go do missions and try to score points.

Q: Did you add any specific cards for the meta?
A: I added a rogue Gomtuu Shock Wave because it is a powerful dilemma where we play. I also added In a Mirror, Darkly in case I ran into Tragic Turn and needed to get all my people back from the discard pile.

Q: How did the tournament go?
A: It went alright. I had been up until 3:30am building the deck, so I was a bit tired driving up to Delaware. I did better than I thought, and I caught a lot of people with their pants down. I also made a critical mistake that cost me the final game, but that's not bad deck design, that's just bad play. The skill I was most interested in removing was Telepathy/Exobiology to make Telepathic Deception work.

Game one: Darrell had no personnel with Telepathy and one personnel with Exobiology, so that was easy and I won 100-0. Game two: Ed had no Telepathy and two personnel with Exobiology, and while he had Rule of Acquisition #33, he was only able to cheat through one mission before I caught the lock and won 100-35. Game three: Len's personnel had no Telepathy and one Exobiology, but a Far-Seeing Eyes took care of that and Krim (Thoughtful Tactician) (so he couldn't get rid of my dilemma). In a fit of arrogance, I did not play Clear Ultimatum when he had a Natural Instincts in hand, so he managed to squeak out a mission. After having to wait a turn because he couldn't play an event because of his own Political Putsch, he played Just Like Old Times to come battle me for 15 points, but he was fully locked out of doing any more missions. The final score was 100-50. Game four: John, my nemesis, had ten Exobiology, just as much Leadership and/or Admiral and way too much Science and Security. I played Far-Seeing Eyes six times and removed twelve cards, but in the end it was not enough. The Genesis Effect at his space mission gave him a lock on the space, and when I made my stand at his planet mission even using He Wasn't Nice to kill 3 copies of Greer, he was able to get past my dilemmas and win 35-100.

Q: Did you have any memorable moments?
A: Yes, in my game against Len. Len is a very good player, and has a bit of arrogance within him (if he argues, just remind him of his "I challenge everybody!" belt match). I was toe to toe 50-50 versus Len. It was very refreshing to see the look on his face when he realized that he had no Telepathy, no Exobiology, couldn't attempt missions with less than six personnel, and I could flip my dilemma pile every single time he attempted a mission and toss the same copy of the same dilemma at him for the rest of the game. So often he puts people in those predicaments, it was a little fun to watch him be in one.

Q: Do you have any regrets?
A: It was a lot of fun to play something I am not familiar with, and do well. Removing the Engineering PADD from the game would have been a great idea just to make Taibak (Prodigious Conditioner) bigger, but no. I didn't want to spend the points. Although, had I done that, I would not have been able to score 100 points, but I would have won the game. Aahh, the lessons we learn.

Thanks Neil!

The River Bar: Sadly, a lack of players who were not named Hoskin meant that I cancelled the tournament. My brother and I spent the entire day arguing over who would have won had we played. No agreement was reached. In fact, as I type this, we are still arguing about that. There are days when I wish I was an only child, but then I remember how many times I've beaten Will at this game and all is well again.


This week, just two players won a Day One Round One bye into the Continental Championships:

• Morten Sandberg (LessQQ), winner at Loyalitetsbueauet
• Len Neidorf (Dirty Nel), second place (bye handed down) at Between Books

Congratulations to both players, and I wish better luck to anyone who didn't make it. These bye winners have been added to the list of current bye winners for the Continental Championships and the World Championships here. There are now only six Regional tournaments remaining this year for those players still looking to win a bye.

Deck Statistics

No First Edition Regional tournaments this week, and no updates for the tournaments with missing information, means that the deck statistics have not changed.

The most popular First Edition affiliations are currently:
1. UnknownUsed by 15 (32%) players2 Regional wins
2.[Fed] FederationUsed by 7 (15%) players
3. Multiple AffiliationsUsed by 5 (11%) players1 Regional win
4.[Dom] DominionUsed by 4 (9%) players1 Regional win
4. HirogenUsed by 4 (9%) players
6.[Kli] KlingonUsed by 3 (6%) players1 Regional win
7.[Bor] BorgUsed by 2 (4%) players1 Regional win
7.[Rom] RomulanUsed by 2 (4%) players
7.[SF] StarfleetUsed by 2 (4%) players1 Regional win
10.[Baj] BajoranUsed by 1 (2%) players
10.[Car] CardassianUsed by 1 (2%) players
10. KazonUsed by 1 (2%) players

A victory for [Voy] Voyager / Equinox in Denmark sees it become the clear and outright leading Second Edition affiliation with five wins. A win for the [Rom] Romulans in Delaware was the first for that affiliation; and leaves the [Maq] Maquis, Earth (Home of Starfleet Command), and [TN] Terok Nor as the only three affiliations/headquarters without a win to their name this year. Of the 18 multiple headquarters decks played, the four winning decks have all featured Ferenginar (Financial Hub). Aside from [Bor] Borg and [Voy] Voyager / Equinox, who can't be mixed with a second affiliation, every other affiliation/headquarters has been played in a multiple headquarters deck with the exception of Earth (Home of Starfleet Command). What is it about this headquarters that stops players from winning with it and mixing it with another headquarters?

The most popular Second Edition affiliations are currently:
1.[TNG] Next GenerationUsed by 26 (11%) players3 Regional wins
2.[Kli] KlingonUsed by 24 (10%) players3 Regional wins
3.[Bor] BorgUsed by 23 (10%) players3 Regional wins
4.[SF] StarfleetUsed by 21 (9%) players2 Regional win
5.[TOS] Original SeriesUsed by 20 (9%) players1 Regional win
6. Multiple AffiliationsUsed by 18 (8%) players4 Regional wins
7.[Car] CardassianUsed by 16 (7%) players1 Regional win
8.[Rom] RomulanUsed by 14 (6%) players1 Regional win
8.[Voy] Voyager/EquinoxUsed by 14 (6%) players5 Regional wins
10.[Baj] BajoranUsed by 10 (4%) players1 Regional win
10.[Dom] DominionUsed by 10 (4%) players1 Regional Win
12.[Fer] FerengiUsed by 8 (3%) players1 Regional win
12.[Maq] MaquisUsed by 8 (3%) players
14. Earth (Home of Starfleet Command)Used by 7 (3%) players
15.[DS9] Deep Space 9Used by 6 (3%) players1 Regional win
15. UnknownUsed by 6 (3%) players1 Regional win
17.[NA] Non-AlignedUsed by 2 (1%) players
18.[TN] Terok NorUsed by 1 (0.5%) players

Week 12 Preview

The complete schedule can be found in this article: Regional Championships Series 2010 Schedule. There are three Regional tournaments this week:

Saturday 19th JuneSunday 20th June
Second Edition (Draft)
Apache Mall Food Court
333 Apache Mall
Rochester, MN 55902
United States
[Discuss] [Pre-register]
Second Edition (Standard)
Next Level Gamez
118 E Main St
Forest City, NC 28043
United States
[Discuss] [Pre-register]
German National Championships
Second Edition (Standard)
CVJM Kassel e.V.
Wolfsschlucht 21
34117 Mitte, Kassel
[Discuss] [Pre-register]
Second Edition (Standard)
CVJM Kassel e.V.
Wolfsschlucht 21
34117 Mitte, Kassel
[Discuss] [Pre-register]

Apache Mall Food Court: The Rochester, Minnesota Rainbow Draft is back! The 2008 Deep Space 9 Regional attracted a massive 23 players, and saw them all draft one of each booster pack released by Decipher. That is eleven boosters! Kevin Jaeger (Hoss-Drone) won all five of his games playing a mixture of [Rom] Romulan and [SF] Starfleet cards to win the tournament. Last year, attendance was down to ten players at the 2009 Deep Space 9 Regional. Perhaps this had something to do with the players only getting to draft five booster packs? Anyhow, Kevin Peterson (rockstarkevin), playing [SF] Starfleet; recovered after losing his first game and won his next four games to win the tournament. This year thirteen players have pre-registered so far. There will be a pre-tournament meeting to decide which format to play (see the tournament page or the discussion page for more details), but at the very least, each player will draft seven booster packs. Hmmm. If eleven boosters drafted equals 23 players, and five boosters drafted equals ten players, then will seven boosters drafted mean 14 players in attendance this year? If this is the case, then I recommend that next year everyone brings along a booster box to draft, and we'll be guaranteed 60 players!

Next Level Gamez: This appears to be yet another location that is holding its first Continuing Committee-sanctioned Regional tournament. So far, there are only two players pre-registered for this tournament in Forest City, North Carolina, but the tournament map shows several other potential players in the area. With no previous tournament results to look at, it is very hard to predict who will win. We'll have to wait until next week to find out.

CVJM Kassel e.V.: These two tournaments form the German Nationals weekend. The Regional tournament on Saturday offers the winner a Round One bye at the German Nationals on Sunday. So far, there are eleven players pre-registered for Saturday's six-round warm-up, and twelve players pre-registered for the big one on Sunday. The 2008 German National Championships attracted 22 players on Day One before 25 battled it out on Day Two. Undefeated winner Tobias Rausmann (garetjax) played [Bor] Borg. The other top decks were mostly composed of [Bor] Borg, [Dom] Dominion and [TNG] Next Generation. Last year, the 2009 German National Championships saw 19 players on Day One before 21 players contested Day Two. The winner, Jens Beilstein (Goran) playing [Kli] Klingon, went undefeated over six rounds and won a final confrontation to be crowned German National Champion. Both Tobias and Jens are pre-registered for this year's one-day event, so the atmosphere should be electric. Good luck to all players.

Next Week

A review of the results from Week 12, more statistics, and a preview of the events in Week 13. The weekend of June 26th and 27th sees the final three tournaments of this year's Regional Championships.

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