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Phase II Ends with a Federation Victory!

by Charlie Plaine, Chairman

21st June 2010

The results are in, and the Federation Team has emerged victorious over the Borg Team. Seven (7) contestants remain and will advance to Phase III, which will begin later this week!

We'd like to offer our congratulations to the following nine (9) members of the community that voted for Challenge #10:

Aoide Muse
The Mad Vulcan
Faithful Reader

Each of the winners listed above will receive a virtual promo from the upcoming Series V - maybe even this one:

We also have a grand prize winner, who will get a full set of the Series V promos, chosen from those that had voted for 80%+ of the Make it So challenges - Triumph!

Please, make sure that all of you have current addresses in your profile. Your cards will be shipped out in the next few weeks, but only if we have your correct addresses!

Thanks to everyone that has voted during Make it So - please, continue! We need your votes to help decide which of the remaining contestants will be the Next Assistant Game Designer!

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