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Updated Virtual Starters

by Torbj├Ârn Lindquist, Freelance Writer

1st July 2010

A couple of months ago, Infinite Diversity was released, and it included a couple of great dilemmas for virtual play. Dark Page, Pillage and Plunder, and The First Duty are now included in all Virtual Starters. And on July 1, virtual promos become printable as well; from there, we get Unexpected Difficulties (which has been included in all draw decks) and Agonizing Encounter (which has been added to a few dilemma piles). Some decks that lacked the ability to save personnel about to be killed got an Escape.

In addition, the Klingon starter got two copies of Persistent Strike, to introduce new players to some battle situations. Kruge was left out of the starter, since his game play isn't very nice for a player's first game of Trek. Also, the Dominion starter got two copies of Persistent Strike.

The goal of the starters is to introduce many different aspects of the game, and give new players a taste of what the game has to offer. Therefore, all headquarters (except DS9-Earth) got a starter, and for Caretaker's Array, there is an Equinox starter.

The virtual starters are a good way to introduce new players to the game -- just print one and give it away. Or, if you are a new player yourself, just choose your favorite Star Trek group and print the deck. After your first few games, you can start customizing your deck. Perhaps you'll want to try to build a Voyager deck, instead of using Equinox. Perhaps you'll add some copies of Hard Time for your opponent in your dilemma pile. Regardless, there are lots more possiblities for you to choose from. Good luck in starting your adventure, or introducing new players to the game.

Please discuss the starters here


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