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2010 Australian Continentals Weekend Audio Commentary

by Matthyas Kiraly, Australian OP Coordinator

26th June 2010

This year, I've decided that enough's enough.

In previous years, I have gone to the Australian Continentals (AC), video camera in hand, with the intent of doing interviews and posting them online, but this never ended up happening, leaving me feeling hollow and unfulfilled.

In 2010, that's a gonna change.

In the Continental Championships forum, I will be posting a series of commentaries, hosted by me, involving various members of the Australian Star Trek CCG community. These will be live, unedited, unscripted, and totally uncensored (any pompous British gents are advised to cover their ears).

NO rules, NO scripts, just honest first-thing-to-come-out-of-their-mouths audio. While on the road, we may not have the production quality of some of the fantastic Star Trek CCG podcasts out there, but you're guaranteed a fun, light-hearted view of the game, directly from the players, over the greatest weekend of Star Trek CCG ever to grace continental Australia.

To download the mp3 of the latest commentary, visit the Continental Championships forum and look out for the first installment, a pre-AC round-table with my fellow Perth players, discussing hot topics such as strategy, roll-starting a vehicle, and just what Robert's mum will be wearing to the AC*!

*Robert's mum may not actually be attending the AC.


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