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We Need Your Help!

by Charlie Plaine, Chairman

5th July 2010

Since our formation in December of 2007, The Continuing Committee has always been dedicated to serving the best interests and the needs of the STCCG communities. As an extension of that mission, we live and die by the financial support of the great players, collectors, and fans of First Edition, Second Edition, and Tribbles.

As we prepare for our major events on three continents, and our largest presence at GenCon in ten (10) years, we must once again call upon the kindness and generosity of the community - we need your help! We need members of the community to volunteer their time, energy or resources to help us prepare for what promises to be the greatest competition season of Star Trek in a decade.

But don't fret - we'd never ask you to help us out without giving you something in return! We're proud to debut the "lost" promo card - one of the popular (albeit short-lived) characters from the Secret Agent Julian Bashir holoprograms, the lovely Mona Luvsitt!

We need your help in three different ways - all of them are important, and any of them can earn you a chance to get your very own foil version of Mr. Bashir's lovely valet.

First, if you have the time and energy, we could use your help preparing some virtual starter decks for distribution at GenCon. In 2009, we ran over forty (40) demos for new players, and this year, we've scheduled twice as many demo sessions and have recruited staff to help run the demos. We just need decks to use and give away in the demos!

We have several cases of starter decks to give out, but we'd like to augment those with some of the virtual starters to widen the variety of demo decks and introduce new players to the concept of virtual cards. The goal is to sleeve the virtual starters over the printed starters, and give the new players two decks in one.

Next, we're running several Infinite Diversity draft events and need some assistance preparing the "draft packs." If you have some spare time and are willing to donate some ink and some manual labor, you can help us by preparing draft packs for our events.

Finally, if you don't have the time or resources to print, cut and send in cards, then we could use your financial support. Every tournament kit you request via The Promenade helps keep the server up and running. Every premium membership helps us keep packages in the mail and on their way to you. Every donation ensures that we can offer high quality prizes and maintain the standards of excellence that we have all come to expect.

We will be giving out eighteen (18) FOIL regular versions of Miss Mona and nine (9) of the archive portrait versions to twenty-seven (27) members of our community that volunteer their time and effort over the next few weeks. Mona Lovsitt will be tournament legal in all sanctioned Continuing Committee events as of July 16, 2010.

As it stands, the standard template version of Mona Lovsitt will become printable on January 3, 2011, and the archive portrait version will become printable on July 4, 2011. However, if we can all pull together and meet all of our goals, we'll move both of those dates up significantly and make the regular version of Mona printable immediately. The AP version of Mona will remain exclusive through 2010, but will become printable as of January 3rd if we meet our goals.

So, how can you get a foil Mona Luvsitt? There are three ways:

1. Prepare and send in a virtual starter deck. All of the virtual starter decks have recently been updated. To get credit, you need to make a nice, quality color print of one of those decks, neatly cut the cards out, and send them to the address listed below. Each person that submits a virtual starter deck that meets the above criteria will get a foil version of the normal-template Mona Luvsitt.

2. Prepare one (1) player's worth of Infinite Diversity boosters. Using our Virtual Pack Generator, create a set of Dominion War packs for one player (one mission pack and six booster packs). Print these out in nice, quality color, neatly cut them out, and then send them to the address listed below. Each person that submits a set of draft packs that meet the above criteria will get a foil version of the normal-template Mona Luvsitt.

3. Support The Continuing Committee with a donation or requisition. If you want to help The Continuing Committee but don't have the time or the means to print and cut packs, you can help us by making a financial contribution via The Promenade. Any donation or requisition of $20 or more made during this time frame will earn you a foil version of the normal-template Mona Luvsitt.

In addition, every member of the community that contributes to this effort will have their name entered in a drawing for a foil Archive Portrait version of Mona Luvsitt. We'll give away at least nine (9) of these beautiful cards, or make sure that at least 15% of you that contribute will earn an Archive Portrait foil. This means that every contribution will earn you a foil Mona, and give you a chance to get a foil Archive Portrait Mona too!

If you're going to submit cards, please make sure that you're taking the time to do a nice, quality job on them - remember, these are going to be given away or used at GenCon, and we want to expose people to the high quality of our game! Make sure you are printing in color and that you are trimming the cards neatly. When you pack them, make sure they aren't being bent or damaged in the packaging. It's better for you to submit one nice set of cards than three rushed sets!

Send all of your submitted materials to the following address:

The Continuing Committee
c/o Charlie Plaine
117 Twinbrook Place
Sidney, OH 45365

We need a total of sixteen (16) players' worth of Infinite Diversity (Dominion War edition), and forty-two (42) virtual starter decks (three copies of each of the starters) to meet our goals. Every $20 in donations we get will contribute towards meeting the goal of making Mona printable as well!

Visit our "Support The Continuing Committee" thread on our Boldly Going Forum to coordinate your efforts and track our progress.

We are so proud to be part of this amazing community of players, collectors, and volunteers. Serving you is a privilege and we are confident you'll be able to help and support us now, as you always have! Qapla'!


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