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Make it So - The Penultimate Challenge

by Charlie Plaine, Chairman

6th July 2010

Challenge #11 forced us to say goodbye to Linkan and Danny, two talented contestants that were just ever-so-slightly outperformed by their peers. That means that just five (5) competitors remain and there are just two more challenges between them and the title of the Next Assistant Game Designer!

Challenge #12, called "No I in Team", tasks the contestants with doing something that the official design team has only been doing recently - building teams. This is still an individual challenge, but one where the contestants must build a team in the same style as those in Allegiance: Create a "team" in the same vein as those that appeared in Allegiance.

A good team is related by story and by game play. For example, the Equinox cards that all have a mechanical link (losing 5 points) and a story link ([Voy] Treachery); the Deep Space 9 "vastly outnumbered" crew that all work off of cards in an opponent's core (and provide such a card); and the [SF] personnel that all trigger off being removed from the game. Building a team requires elements of creativity, top-down design and bottom-up design, and will provide a fitting way for contestants to prove what they have learned.

Contestants have until Monday, July 12th, 2010 at 5 PM EDT (GMT - 4) to submit their entries via PM to MidnightLich. Each contestant must submit their own entries to MidnightLich in a separate PM. Once the entires are received, they will be posted to the judges and to the public for review - and two (2) of our remaining contestants will be headed home before the Final Challenge.

Good luck!

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