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MiS Spotlight: Nathan "GooeyChewie" Miracle

by Charlie Plaine, Chairman

22nd July 2010

Today is the third article in a series of three featuring a little bit of information about each of the three Make it So finalists. Find out more about what inspires the finalists, how they have done in the competition to date, and what they've enjoyed (and not enjoyed) during Make it So!

Nathan "GooeyChewie" Miracle
25 Years Old • Charlotte, North Carolina

Nathan joined Make it So as a member of the Romulan Team, and helped his team to a 3-1 victory during Phase I. He was nominated as the team's Best of the Worst for their only loss during that phase, and joined the combined Borg Team during Phase II. The Borg went 3-3 during the phase, and Nathan was nominated as Best of the Worst just once, but he was also never put up for elimination.

All of the contestants were required to submit an application prior to their participation in Make it So. Following are excerpts from Nathan's application.

How long have you played STCCG?
Since 2004. Necessary Evil had just released when I first started playing.

Why do you want to be an assistant game designer?
I’ve always found the idea of creating new cards fascinating. I’ve created dream cards for every CCG and TCG I’ve ever played, and participated in dream card contest for many of them.

What do you feel is the greatest strength of the 2E game mechanics?
This game sets itself apart from the vast majority of card games by having a goal other than bashing in your opponent’s face. 2E is its own game, not another Magic knock-off.

What do you feel is the largest weakness of the 2E game mechanics?
Sometimes the lack of interaction between two solver decks makes the game feel like dueling solitaire players instead of a two-player game.

Choose any affiliation-specific event or interrupt from all of the Second Edition cards. Convert that card’s core game play into the same type of card for a different affiliation.

Based on 'Guidance of the Council':
[Evt] 2 •Bajoran Monastery
Prophet. Plays in your core. When you play an Anthropology personnel, you may take a Kai, Vedek or Prylar from your discard pile into hand.
"It is time."

Design a card that is intended to be given away to new players at conventions and large tournaments. Instead of lore, the card will have basic information about The Continuing Committee. The card should be instantly recognizable as Star Trek.

[Fed] 2 •Spock, Logical Being
[Cmd] [TOS] [Pa] Human/Vulcan
•Astrometrics •Physics •Science
The Continuing Committee logo


Create a new Second Edition card that you’d like the judges to review (or pick one you’ve made in the past). Imagine that this will be the only card that the design team will see, so make it something you think shows off your personality, your skill, and your creativity.

[Fed] 2 •Reginald Barclay, Pathfinder
[Stf] Human
•Astrometrics •Engineer •Physics •Programming
While you do not command a headquarters mission, you may play this personnel in your core.
Order - Stop this personnel to unstop your [Voy] personnel.
"Has it ever occurred to you... that a tachyon beam directed at a Class-B itinerant pulsar could produce enough gravimetric energy to create an artificial singularity?"

We asked a few follow-up questions to each of the finalists after they knew they'd advanced to the final challenge. Here are those questions, and Nathan's answers:

What has your time in MiS taught you about game design?
More than anything else, I've realized that the devils are in the details. I've learned to reread my cards over and over again, just to make sure they really do what I think they do.

What has been your favorite MiS experience?
I knew based on the entries that Conno had a great chance at getting his Pah-Wraith Team into playtesting. When I found out that my Tulaberry Team had won by the skin of its teeth, I could scarcely contain my excitement.

What one thing would you add to Second Edition (or fix about Second Edition) if you could?
I would love to see a more unified team for Damar's liberation movement.

What was your favorite MiS challenge? Least favorite? Why?
I found Not Inspired By The Ferengi to be the most interesting challenge. I enjoyed researching how the rules change affected existing cards. I also enjoyed stretching my mind to create truly original cards. On the other hand, I found Imagine to be my least favorite challenge. I often prefer to design a card's gameplay first, focusing on story second. This challenge forced me to focus primarily on story.

Why should the public vote for you to be the Next Assistant Designer?
I encourage every member of the public to vote for the designer he or she feels will do the best job. I hope I have proven my creativity and skill over the course of the competition.

Will Nathan and his team emerge victorious? Or will he end up a runner up and have to be content with just designing a single card? Find out on Wednesday, July 28th, 2010 when the entries for The Final Challenge are posted!

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