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Make it So - The Final Challenge

by Charlie Plaine, Chairman

19th July 2010

Twenty contestants began the Make it So competition, seeking the chance to become the Next Assistant Designer - now just three remain. Starting today, Nathan, Conno and Keith must call upon all that they have learned and all of their creativity in order to emerge victorious.

As the Lead Designer of your own team, create a fifteen card boutique expansion designed to be released before (and legal at) the World Championship.

You can find out some more details about the nuances of this challenge in Episode XXII of the Make it So podcast or discuss this challenge on the official forums. Each of the three finalists was asked to recruit a team to work with on this challenge. The teams has to be between one and three members and could not include any current or former member of a 2E design team.

Team Conno
MattgomeryScott, Peers

Team Keith
bhosp, dlacoste, SirDan

Team Nathan
Danny, DJstormtrooper42

Contestants have until Tuesday, July 27th, 2010 at 11 PM EDT (GMT - 4) to submit their entries via PM to MidnightLich. (Note: This is slightly different than announced in the podcast.) Each contestant must submit their own entries to MidnightLich in a separate PM.

Throughout this week, we'll be featuring a series of articles about each of the finalists and their experiences in Make it So - giving you a chance to find out a little bit more about each of the designers. Then, once their cards are in, you'll have the chance to vote on the designer and his cards that you would most like to see working on the future of the game.

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