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Meat Harvest

by Kevin Jaeger, Staff Writer

22nd April 2008

When playing Second Edition, it’s been a rule of thumb: “If you want to protect your people against the Borg, just leave them on your headquarters and off your ship. Against everyone else, stay at your headquarters on your ship.”

With the release of The Undiscovered Country, that rule is about to get severely redacted.

Enter the Harvest Drone. You know what, I think I’m just going to start calling him the “Hoss-Drone.” Yeah, that’s the ticket. I’ve officially adopted this guy. I’ve adopted him because he says to your opponent: “Your people aren’t safe anywhere.” As I’ve written, I love battling and assimilating. I just wish I could have used this guy at the World Championships last year.

Sure he’s cost five, but in exchange you get to assimilate an opponent’s personnel. He’s non-unique so you can have three in play. He can even assimilate someone on your opponent's Headquarters! Heck, the battle could have been at another location entirely!

Addressing the cost problem more closely, you can use the Borg Queen (Guardian of the Hive) to swap him in on the cheap. Then, of course, there is Energize. As for getting him into your hand to play, that’s no problem. Quintessence and Two of Nine (Transtator Drone) make that an easy task.

A cost of five isn’t the problem it used to be and with such a Hossy peep, it’s completely worth it. You will assimilate your opponent - in his own home.

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