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Make it So Ends This Week!

by Charlie Plaine, Chairman

8th August 2010

Last week, Matt Kirk and I recorded our first thoughts on the three submissions for Make it So 2010's final challenge. Unfortunately, it's taken a bit longer to bring this podcast to you, in spite of the herculean efforts of one of the members of our community.

With apologies to Keith, Conno and Nathan - who I'm sure are dying to know the final results - we're going to extend the deadline for votes in order to allow all of the members of the community to listen to Episode #24 of the Make it So podcast (direct link | RSS feed).

We invite you to download and listen to the episode, compare your thoughts to Matt and my own, and make your final and best decision on which expansion deserves your accolades, and which designer will join Brad on the design team for an upcoming expansion!

Your new deadline for final votes for the final challenge is Wednesday, August 11th, 2010 at 8 AM EDT (GMT-4). The winner will be announced live in a special ceremony in our chat room at 3 PM EDT (GMT-4) that same day.

Enjoy the podcast, with my personal apologies for its lateness. Cast your votes, and help decide the future of the game!

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