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2010 League Kits

by Charlie Plaine, Chairman

23rd August 2010

With the dawn of the 2010-2011 World Championship Trek season just around the corner, we thought it would behoove us to show off this year's exclusive league promo. If you don't have a WCT league forming in your area, talk to your TD because you're going to want one so you can get your hands on Elim Garak (Federation Agent).

[Fed] 2 •Elim Garak (Federation Agent)
[Stf] [DS9] Cardassian
•Anthropology •Diplomacy •Programming
Your Intelligence personnel present are each attributes +1.
"I could never figure out why. I guess I never will."
0 AP 16

League directors are able to requisition one league kit per month via The Promenade. Each kit will contain two (2) copies of the FOIL Archive Portrait version of Garak, four (4) copies of the standard version of Garak, and two (2) special WCT League buttons.

Elim Garak (Federation Agent) is legal in all WCT League events as of September 6th, 2010, but is not legal in non-WCT events until a later date (to be determined.) At that time, the regular version of this excellent promo card will become printable for all to use, and the AP version will become printable shortly thereafter.

World Championship Trek is The Continuing Committee's league system, and runs from September through May every year. WCT is designed as a way to encourage players to play regularly and with a wide variety of different decks.

Sign-ups are still open! If you're interesting in hosting a WCT League in your area, Contact KillerB, TCC's League Coordinator. Sign-ups remain open until August 31st.

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