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Will of the Collective needs your votes!

by Thomas Schneider, European OP Coordinator

31st August 2010

Your votes are needed for the first and maybe most important decision for Will of the Collective III: What personnel or ship should be made into the Will of the Collective III card?

Stephen Hawking? Maybe Gabrielle Bell? Or somebody less upright like Harry Mudd? His android "Crewman" Norman? Maybe a more modern android like Data? What about someone less perfect like Reginald Barclay? Or Beata, who is of course superior to all the males on this list? Another Jake Sisko? Or Tiron, the poor guy that was cured from his affection to Kira the hard way?

Maybe a ship? Something really old like the S.S. Botany Bay? The time-traveling U.S.S. Relativity? Or the U.S.S. Definat (Constitution Class) on its way through (or to) the Mirror universe?

The decision is up to you. Voting will stay open till Wednesday, September the 8th, 12PM EDT.

As soon as the results are collected, we will move forward to the next step: Choosing the story. What facet of the character should be explored by the card?

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