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Starter Deck Drive – Bajor

by Matt Kirk, Director of Organized Play

9th April 2008

Participants in the Starter Deck Drive should collect as many copies of the following cards as possible for use in the first Spotlight Series (Bajor), starting April 14th.

Investigate Maquis Activity [2U100]
Transport Delegations [7U52]
Host Metaphasic Shielding Test [1S172]
Protect the Escapees [7U51]

Trelane's Trial [12C18]
DNA Security Scan [2C7]
Sokath, His Eyes Uncovered! [3S30]

Small Problems [7U13]
Subspace Accident [2C23]
Nausicaan Pirates [2C16]
Systems Diagnostic [1C52]

Necessary Execution [10C12]
Trabe Grenade [1C56]
Planetary Survey [1C44]
"Rock People" [3C24]

Anara [1C207]
Brilgar [1C210]
Dohlem [1C211]
Hazar [1U213]
Jabara [1C214]
Jorem [3C111]
Keeve Falor [1C215]
Li Nalas, Legend of Bajor [1S217]
Mora Pol, Pioneering Scientist [1U219]
Ranjen Koral, Student of B'hala [1U222]
Weld Ram [1C227]
Winn Adami, Kai of Bajor [1U228]
Yelsar [3C117]
Gaard [12C99]
Inad [1C330]
Maques, Cairn Delegate [2C154]
Rabal [1C340]
Togaran [1C349]

Bajoran Scout Vessel [1C382]
Assault Vessel [1U380]
Bajoran Interceptor [1C381]

Bajoran Phaser Pistol [1U62]
Tricorder [1C72]

D'Arsay Archive [1S84]
Unexpected Difficulties [2C69]
Days of Atonement [1U85]
Salvaging the Wreckage [2C60]
For the Sisko [2U44]

Quantum Slipstream Drive [1C135]
Symbol of Devotion [1U142]
Ties of Blood and Water [1S145]

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