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First Edition Deckbuilders and Premium Memberships... Oh My!

by Chris Lobban, Chief Programmer

21st September 2010

Yes, the much anticipated Deckbuilder for First Edition is finally ready to go! And we're throwing a party to celebrate!

First Edition players have waited very patiently for their turn to get a deckbuilder. A few months ago, you got a preview of the power the deckbuilder could have, with the First Edition Search Engine. And now you finally get to see that power put to work, with the First Edition Premium Deckbuilder. Leaps and bounds ahead of even the Second Edition Premium Deckbuilder, the First Edition Premium Deckbuilder is truly a sight to behold... but why are you just looking when you could be using it? Jump in there, and start making your deck! Put in whatever sorts of strange criteria you want to find exactly the card that you need, and you'll be set.

Speaking of strange criteria, you may have noticed all sorts of strange criteria added to the search engine (and now deckbuilder) recently... the latest (and potentially most confusing) of which is the addition of a second checkbox criteria to all of the traits/icon areas. These enable you to specifically exclude personnel based on which skills they have. So, if you're specifically looking for an OFFICER that does not have Computer Skill, you can do that.

And finally, what good is it for me to tell you all about the Premium Deckbuilder if you don't have a Premium Membership? Sure, a basic deckbuilder exists too... but it's not nearly as much fun to play with. But rather than try to tell you why you should get a Premium Membership, I'm just going to show you... effective immediately, every user on the site has been given a free two-week Premium Membership. You'll be able to explore the First Edition Premium Deckbuilder, and all of the other Premium features on the website, from now until the end of the World Championships (October 4th). So go explore, and enjoy! And if you have any issues (or suggestions) regarding the new Deckbuilder, please feel free to share them in the Tracker.


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