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A Concept for Harry

by Thomas Schneider, European OP Coordinator

22nd September 2010

You have decided on a character (Harry Mudd). You have decided on a story (the salesman from Mudd's Women). So now it is time to make all this into a Star Trek card.

The first step in this process is the decision on a concept. Some of you might ask now: "What exactly is a card concept?" Well, I asked the very same question myself and our Chairman pointed me to his post from the first Will of the Collective. So I will just quote him:

So what we're looking for this time is a card concept. A card concept is a brief (think one sentence or less) description of what the card we're making is going to do. A good card concept is clear, concise, and doesn't have anything to do with story is about Harry Mudd.

For example, take a look at the card Sympathetic Magic. A good concept for this card might have been "a planet dilemma that damages a ship." It defines what the dilemma is going to do without worrying about how it's going to do it.

A bad concept would be "From the episode Catspaw, when Sylvia uses her power to threaten the Enterprise, either the ship is damaged or the crew is stopped." This is way too tied to the storyline and too specific about how it will work; there needs to be room to evolve as the card is tested.

Now look at Inferiority. I first pitched this card to Brad as "Endangered on a dilemma." Sometimes it's good to take an old card and give it a new spin. This is a good concept because it does just that - gives a frame of reference and a way to make it new.

This is the point where we will split the design processes for First and Second edition. So each of you can suggest two concepts, one for First and one for Second Edition.

In this survey, we are also encountering the first difference between First and Second Edition: Harry the salesman has clearly beat Harry from the android planet, so the Second Edition concept has to be connected with the salesman personality. For the First Edition card, it is likely that the image will be from Mudd's Women, but concepts can be inspired by everything that Harry has done during his life.

Now answer one simple question: What should Harry Mudd do?

Voting will stay open 'til Friday, October the 1st, 8AM EDT.


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