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Making A Virtual Splash (Part 1)

by Lucas Thompson

23rd September 2010

The Massachusetts (and surrounding states) player base has recently seen a resurgence (my tournament report is here), with many of us coming back after years away from the game. Because of this hiatus, I thought it might be helpful to point out some of the virtual cards that can be added to decks that returning players may still have sitting around. After all, diving straight into the virtual expansion card lists can be quite daunting. Besides, I know I'm quite attached to many of my old decks. Rather than start from scratch with the "Experienced" Original Series (TOS) or Equinox crew, I looked around first for cards that fit well in the decks I already had and worked from there. Instead of making everyone else go through that process, I made this list.

After making it, I thought that there are probably others outside of our player group who could use this information. I see posts from returning players frequently on the boards, so why not submit it to the Continuing Committee? So submit it I did, and thus it appears here. This list, long as it is, is by no means exhaustive. There are lots of cool virtual cards out there, and many of them are kernels for whole new deck types; this is just a guide to help you get started. Look for your affiliation(s) of choice, grab the cards, print them in the deck builder, and try them out.

The Next Generation (TNG)


Deep Space Nine (DS9)




Terok Nor

Editor's Note: This article will continue tomorrow in Part 2.


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