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We Want Your Help!

by Charlie Plaine, Chairman

13th October 2010

The Continuing Committee is dedicated to supporting organized play for First Edition, Second Edition and Tribbles on a variety of levels. One of the most popular and exciting programs we offer is our alternate image virtual promo program, including tournament promos, release promos, and special event promos.

We love these programs and want to continue them, but we want to make the cards that you want to see! In order to help us decide what promos will come out sooner rather than later, we want you to participate in our surveys!

For First Edition, we're currently running two surveys. First of all, we want to know what personnel that you like to report for free. We invite each of you to list up to three personnel for each headquarters that you like to play, or personnel that are hard to find!

In addition, we want to know what your favorite cards are for each affiliation or faction in First Edition. Is there a ship that you love, but just can't find? Is there a personnel with a terrible image you'd like to see redone? Or is there a card that you just can't play without? Let us know, and we might just make it an alternate image promo in the future!

For Second Edition, we're asking the same thing. What card do you just have to have for your Bajoran deck? Is there a ship that your Dominion deck can't live without? An event you have to have in order to play Voyager? Let us know!

The Continuing Committee is dedicated to supporting the games and making sure we solicit your input at every opportunity. Don't miss out on this chance to help us make the game better!


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